¬ęThe girl with blue hair" - who does not remember the image of the "Golden Key"?Perhaps after watching a fairy tale or reading the book most girls like just such a hair color.And now, several years later, the dream can be realized, because now in vogue individual bold images.However hair blue can afford not all.In such an experiment can only bold natures who like to be in the spotlight.It usually imaginative young girls who are "head in the clouds."The representatives of the fair sex more mature, of course, may also decide on such a bold step, but in this case it is necessary to have an appropriate way to not look ridiculous.So let's see who are the hair blue, and how to properly painted in this color.

Blue hair color

This is the blue color of the hair?

It should be noted that it is impossible to say for sure, will do you the color or not.For some, the fair sex is a good opportunity to refresh the image and express themselves in new ways, and for others, despite all efforts, it is an unattainable dr

eam that will never become a reality, as hair blue it is not to face.That is why before you decide to take this step, try on a wig of the shade, and then it becomes clear is it to you or not.However it is possible to identify some general trends, who will suit your hair blue:

  1. blond girl with blue eyes very young age.In this case, you can create a unique image of the gentle.So the girls can use the light blue color of the hair.
  2. girl with fair skin, regular features and expressive eyes deep dark shades.In this case, the hair can be colored in a muted blue.
  3. If the girl has dark skin and eyes, the suit dark blue color, which looks more like a blue tint.

other words, the hair blue suit all young girls, the main thing - to find the right tone, and then you can create a unique image to be always "on high".

blue Hair: suit young and cheerful natures

options dyeing hair blue

If you are willing to radical solutions and dream about blue hair color, then you will approach one-color staining.With the shade you will be hard not to notice.

If you want your hair blue, but are not ready for full coloration, then the data can be designated shade just a few strands.It's quite a modern solution, but, nevertheless, does not require a radical change of image.

Recently became fashionable staining in blue color only the tips of the hair.That he preferred by many young representatives of the fair sex.Such hair color looks very unusual, but quite attractive.

hair blue : can paint only part of the hair, such as tips or bangs

Colouring and care for the blue hair

If you want your hair to have gained rich blue tint, and the image becamecompleted, you will need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. If you have your hair color is too dark, before staining in blue lighten their recommended.Blondes, this procedure is not required.Clarification needed to do to get bright and saturated color without unwanted tones.
  2. from time to time use the toning balm to refresh the color, as the blue hue is quickly washed off and the hair becomes dull and lifeless.And then your image will lose visual appeal.To avoid this, use these balms at least 2 times a month.
  3. If you want your hair blue, then you should be prepared for what will have to change the whole image.So if you are accustomed to doing warm makeup, would have to give it up, because in this case it would be inappropriate.Now you need to give preference to the cold shades of cosmetics because they are best combined with blue hair.The same applies to clothing and accessories.If you love bright things, like the red shoes or handbags, then you need to give up the idea or blue hair or from the data items of her wardrobe.If you do not, then you will look unattractive and even funny.
  4. If you need a blue hair color just for one night, for example, theme parties, and a wig you do not want to buy, you can use a special ink or hair spray.With these tools, you can make one-color staining or highlight individual strands, and in the morning to return to his former way.

hair blue : vivid image

hair blue : bi-tonal coloration

hair blue : painting styledegrade

hair blue : romantic image

hair blue : Demi Lovato - after shampooing blue tint hair often becomes greenish tone

Hairblue : Kylie Jenner - the sister of Kim Kardashian

hair blue : Katy Perry - who said that blue hair - it ugly?

hair blue : staining in two colors - blue and black

hair blue : interesting ideas staining

hair blue : makeup and clothes are chosen style

hair blue : painting style Ombre

So we found someone suitable hair blue, as they can be painted in the shade and some rulesfor this image.Follow these tips and you'll always be in the spotlight and to attract numerous admiring glances.