Every woman has hair on his face.Perhaps someone may seem incredible, but it's true.The fact is that facial hair in women often have a very fine structure.They are light and unnoticeable either visually or by touch.But sometimes they are dark, thick and hard, like the male antennae.Naturally, every woman strives to get rid of them by all available means.And they presently very much - on expensive salon procedures available to the folk methods.

If your face has noticeable around the hairs, do not worry about it.There is a way, and not even one.But before you start fighting with unwanted hair, and nice to know the reasons for their occurrence.


Causes of facial hair

Facial hair in women can occur at any age.Most often, they are located at the lower part - a chin, cheeks and the area around the lips.The appearance of dark and long hair can be due to several reasons:

  1. Heredity.Often, excess hair on the face of suffering and representatives brunette Eastern nationalities.
  2. large number of male
    hormones.Facial hair in women can begin to grow rapidly after long-term use of potent contraceptive hormones.Also cause hormonal failure can serve as stress or some serious illness.
  3. puberty or menopause.During these periods, the female body undergoes serious internal changes that, somehow, affect the appearance.Sometimes these changes are accompanied by the appearance of unwanted hair on the face.

Facial hair in women: reasons may be due to both genetic factors and hormonal disorders

methods of hair removal from the face

From the appearance of unwanted facial hair are not insured by any woman.It should be noted that this problem is very common.Now, many beauty salons offer their services to remove hair from the face.The most popular are photo-epilation, electrolysis and laser hair removal.Experts say that after several treatments facial hair in women disappear forever.But this is not all work the same way.The fact that the body of each person has individual features.Therefore, some required only 3 procedures such as hair removal for complete disposal of hair, and someone is not enough, and 5 sessions.

Facial women : you can buy for home use electrodepilator

Salon's services are not cheap, so this option is not for everyone.Many of the fair sex have resorted to various tricks to look good.Facial hair in women is unlikely to attract admiring glances, so everyone is trying to get rid of them.To do this, use a razor, tweezers, depilatory cream, wax, thread and all kinds of folk remedies.

The quickest way to remove facial hair in women - to use a razor.But the effect of this will be very short.Most likely, the procedure will be repeated every day or every other day.Furthermore, the hair will continue to grow more dense and dark.On the face of an unpleasant stiff bristles.Therefore, whenever possible, the machine should be used.

depilatory cream can replace the machine, but it also has a high level of efficiency, and it has its drawbacks.This tool operates on a chemical level, destroying the structure of the hair.The cream is applied to the skin is maintained for some time, and then removed using a special spatula.Bristle after that is not formed, but will have to repeat the procedure about a day.

Facial women : cream for hair removal is also popular in this situation

In the case of facial hair in women are growing abundantly, and there are only a few single hairs, they oftenTweezers are used for hair removal.This allows for a more lasting result, but the process is quite laborious.

In specialty stores, you can buy wax for hair removal.It allows you to remove hairs from the root, so the effect will be quite long - from 2 weeks to 1 month.

popular method of controlling unwanted facial hair is hair removal by a thread.This method is very old.He came from the Arab countries, and in our time has become widespread.This method is very simple, but to ensure that the procedure is easy and fast, will have some time to practice, "to get the hand."The result is hair removal lasts about 2-3 weeks.After prolonged regular use of this method, the hair becomes thinner and more sparse.

Folk remedies for hair removal from the face

buy special tools for removal of facial hair is not necessary.You can cook a lot for hair removal at home from the very ordinary sugar.It needs to be melted in a water bath, cool slightly and apply to the face in the direction of hair growth.After the sugar hardens, it must be manually removed.With this weight and the hair removed.The same principle works, and waxing.Hair and in both cases disappear for a long time, after which they grow thinner and imperceptible.

another popular method of removing unwanted hair is as follows.A teaspoon of baking soda must be diluted in a glass of hot boiled water and let cool slightly.Moisten a cotton wool in this solution, it is necessary to glue the patch to areas of the face where there is hair, and leave it on all night.The procedure must be repeated 3 times, after which the manifest effect.The hairs disappear, but it may be a side effect of peeling skin.

facial hair in women look unattractive, but it is, nevertheless, not a sentence.You can always find a way out of this difficult situation.Especially because there are many ways available to every girl.