presence of acne on the scalp at first glance may seem non-critical problem, because they are not visible to others.However, if they were, their presence would be difficult to ignore.They cause itching, discomfort and even severe pain if they accidentally bumped into.In addition, acne certainly indicates the presence of those or other problems.

Causes of acne Acne

hair in the hair can appear for different reasons.We must try to find out, that treatment was the most effective.

most common causes of acne in the hair:

  1. wrong choice of shampoo.It should first experiment with the means for washing the hair.It is best to choose a shampoo for oily hair type.They need to wash my hair for a week.If after that acne in the hair does not disappear, the reason lies in something else.
  2. Malnutrition and bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle.All this leads to the fact that there are spots in the hair and on the face and body.
  3. nervous stress, stress.In this case, pimples usually appear suddenly and soon after ended
    a difficult situation, they themselves disappear.However, this process can be accelerated by treatment.
  4. Features skin.In this case, the problem is very difficult to fight, because the human body is predisposed to the formation of lesions.
  5. Wearing headgear made from synthetic fabrics.As a result of the fact that the skin does not sweat and breathe, it increased likelihood that the spots may appear in the hair.Therefore, the choice of headdress should be taken seriously.
  6. hormonal failure, metabolic and gastrointestinal disease.In this case, the self diagnosis impossible.And if you feel that none of the above reasons does not suit you, and pimples in the hair does not disappear for a long time, then most likely, it is necessary to treat the source of the disease, not the symptom.In this case, the most reasonable - to see a doctor and get tested, and then will be assigned to complex treatment.

Treatment of acne in the hair

Traditional medicine against acne in the hair

If pimples in the hair were not due to serious health problems, you deal with them is easier than with the same rash on the face and body.The pharmacy you can buy a variety of means of local action that are applied directly to the affected areas.For this fit the cream "Boro Plus", "Levomekol" or ichthyol ointment.They should be applied to clean, dry scalp, preferably at bedtime, directly at the site of stimulation.

If abundant precipitation, the creams and ointments will not be very easy to use.In this case, it is best to use for washing the hair tar soap.It has a cleaning and antibacterial effects.But it should be remembered that the tar soap may cause dryness of the hair, so it is best to grease after washing the entire length of nutritious balm, avoiding the root zone.

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Folk remedies for acne in the hair

In the struggle with acne in the hair and help people's money.They are available and easy to use.You can rinse after washing your hair with herbal infusions, which are able to exert anti-inflammatory effects.These include:

  1. marigold;
  2. yarrow;
  3. celandine;
  4. nettle and others.

All these plants grow in abundance in the middle lane, and they can collect on their own.In the dried form they are sold in pharmacies at an affordable price.

Another excellent anti-inflammatory agent is a salt.It will remove the inflammation and restore the skin healthy.But in order to make a sufficient concentration of a salt bath, it requires about 1 kg of salt.It can be enriched with essential oils enhances the effect.Suitable rosemary oil or tea tree.It takes 5-7 drops.The water temperature in this case should be about 38-40 degrees.You need to take a bath for 10-15 minutes, dipped in water and scalp.

Acne hair: Regular rinsing of hair to help cope with the problem of rashes

Preventing acne in hair

get rid of acne in the hair, you would not want to see and feel them again.In order to avoid unpleasant rashes in the future, should follow some simple rules, which will eventually turn into a useful habit.

head should be washed as needed - not too often and not often.On average, once every 2-3 days, depending on the type of hair.

necessary to limit the use of sweet, flour, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol.Replace these foods are best fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and dairy products.A healthy lifestyle in general is the prevention of acne and the key to a good mood.Periodically, you must also fill the shortage of nutrients, taking vitamin complexes.This is especially true in spring and autumn.

should try to avoid stressful situations, and if this is not possible, you should learn not to take to heart a few moments.Try to smile and enjoy the little things.

So, to the scalp, face and along the whole body is healthy, must, first of all, to ensure the correct functioning of the body inside.Proper nutrition combined with an active lifestyle, as well as well-chosen shampoo will eliminate the possibility of acne in the hair.And all of this is a guarantee of good mood and success in life.