Every woman wants to conquer the hearts of men and catch yourself admiring glances.And for that, first of all, you should always look your best.This applies to each part of the body, and not least the legs.But with the advent of autumn, we often wear pants, but because it happens that miss epilation, and begin to be paid not much attention legs.And to do that, you should not!Feet should always get timely care versatile.Otherwise, a problem such as ingrown hair is not long to wait.

Causes of ingrown hair on legs

Ingrown hairs on legs - a problem that often is especially acute with the onset of heat when you want to wear a short skirt, but the appearance does not allow it.The skin on the feet is irritated, her present black spots and red spots.A sure sign of ingrown hair.To avoid this trouble, the first thing you need to know about the reasons causing it.

Ingrown hairs on legs appear due to the fact that they do not have the strength to break through to the surface, and they develop under the skin.Som

etimes close to the surface, and sometimes - deep beneath it.Attempts to reach them by hand - pick open, or squeeze - occupation is very unpleasant and could lead to undesirable consequences.The result of this ingrown hair may become red and irritated injured skin, and sometimes the wound may become infected, leading to inflammation.

most commonly ingrown hairs on the legs appear when using a razor, electric epilator and wax strips.The best way to make hair removal in the salon specialist.The most effective method - a photo-epilation and laser hair removal.There is also a special wax.It can be used at home, but it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Ingrown hairs on legs: are the result of the thinning of the hair shaft after removal using the epilator or wax strips

How to get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs?

But what if the ingrown hair on legs already have?We need to get rid of them, and the sooner the better.Hairs situated close to the surface, can get manually.But we must act very carefully, because the process is a real mini-operation.This will require a thin sharp needle and alcohol.You must first clean the skin and apply a warm compress to her minutes 5. Thereafter disinfected needle to pick up hair and pull it out with tweezers.To avoid inflammatory skin at this place must be wiped with alcohol.

But deep ingrown hairs on the legs in such a way to get it fail.So we have to be patient and to begin to develop at a new habit.You will need to scrub, peeling or rigid sponge made of natural fibers.If you wish, you can get all of these means.Ingrown hair can not get to the surface through the thick layer of the skin.This means that it is time to get rid of dead skin cells and clean pores.To do this 3 times a week should be used scrub or peeling.

exfoliator is better to put on a wet steaming skin cleansed with soap and a washcloth.Gradually, the top layer becomes thinner, and ingrown hairs on the legs can be removed.This usually occurs within 2 - 3 weeks.In that case, if the peeling does not help, you should consult a professional beautician, who will recommend one of the salon ingrown hair removal methods.

Ingrown hairs on legs: should be removed only after using a scrub

How to prevent ingrown hairs on the legs?

Here, finally managed to get rid of this problem!You can breathe a sigh of relief, but should not relax if you do not want to come back ingrown hairs.

have already mentioned, and that laser epilation in interior - these are the best methods that do not cause ingrown hairs.Therefore, if possible, it is better to give preference to them.But keep in mind that these procedures are quite expensive, although their effect is several months.

can stay home and the usual methods of hair removal, but to prevent them from growing into the future, you should regularly follow some recommendations.

Epilate best in a calm atmosphere, without haste.Pre-skin on the feet have to be thoroughly cleaned mild peeling agent or a hard sponge and a little steam.Less dirt and sebum in the pores is, the lower the likelihood of ingrown hairs.If you use a razor, the blades should always be sharp and of good quality.In the process of hair removal you need them as often as possible to rinse.During shaving foam should definitely apply.The blade should slide over the skin in the direction of hair growth.

best to carry out the procedure at bedtime to the skin can relax.Immediately after depilation need to apply moisturizer, and periodically thereafter to use it.The skin should always be wet.And to prolong the effect of hair removal, you can use a special tool, slow the growth of hair.

The next day, after depilation you need to repeat the peeling using a scrub for the body.On average, this procedure must be carried out 1 or 2 times a week as a preventive measure.

for hair removal on the legs you can use any suitable means to you: the machine, depilatory cream, wax strips, electric epilator or salon treatments.The skin will long remain flat, smooth and beautiful, if you regularly pay her enough attention.