This unpleasant phenomenon as a bruise familiar with each of us from childhood.And in adulthood occasionally occur such troubles.You can accidentally hit on something or fall, and those who are too frail vessels, and all just get bruises from heavy pressing on the skin.Well, if you should stay at a place that is hidden under the clothes.But the bruises in a prominent position can cause discomfort, especially if you will be an important event or celebration where you want to look at 100%.

In this case, you need to take urgent action, and you begin to search for an answer to the question of how to remove a bruise.You can breathe a sigh of relief, because there is an effective way, and not even one.But before we begin to address the problem, you need to clearly understand that is a bruise, and how it appears.

reasons bruising

saw bruises all, but only from the outside.A process of its formation occurs under the skin surface.The reason is the strong pressure or shock, which resulted in little thin blood

vessels burst, and the blood of them spreads out, forming a bruise.If it does not process, the complete healing occurs only after 2 weeks.

more likely to bruise those people whose blood vessels weakened by nature, as well as for those in whose body there is a lack of vitamins.Therefore, to avoid trouble, you need to periodically conduct preventive measures, which are a series of simple steps that will be described below.

How do I remove a bruise: except drugstore creams you can use the popular recipes

How do I remove a bruise in the short term?

Drugstore means

If trouble has happened, but you have to decide how to remove the bruise, help can turn to traditional medicine.In pharmacies, you can purchase a variety of tools to help in the short term to get rid of traces of injury.But it is necessary to understand that miracles do not happen.Most often in the complete disappearance of a bruise it takes a few days.The most popular means are Gepatrombin, Golden mustache with badyagoy, Lioton ointment Rescue and others.Today, there are plenty of them, and is easy to get lost in this variety.That is why many people are interested in the question of how to remove the bruise using folk remedies.


Emergency assistance for injury - the impact of cold on the affected area.This method will work only if applied quickly.You can use ice, but if not, then you can use any product from the refrigerator.Only the pre-need to roll it in a paper towel or cotton cloth.Suitable also just a stream of cold water from the tap.Exposure to cold should last for 15-20 minutes.If the attack was not very strong, after the measure you do not have to think about how to remove a bruise.He simply did not appear.

cold causes vasoconstriction, thus significantly reducing the area and intensity of a bruise.


If we apply the cold time can not, then you need to decide how to remove the bruise that had formed?There need the opposite effect - namely, the thermal effect on the injury.But it should be done only after the swelling subsides.Usually it occurs the next day.

So, to quickly remove a bruise, you need to warm up the place of injury.Doing this is most convenient with special heat packs or hot-water bottles.But the suit and a self-made device like an ordinary sock filled with heated river sand or salt.The method worked, you need to apply heat 3 times a day for 15 minutes.


Excellent time-tested means - is iodine mesh.It needs to draw on the bruise before bedtime.Do not worry about how you will look like the next day, as the night all the iodine will be absorbed into the skin, and he will not remain even a trace.Iodine is an excellent means of warming and it improves blood circulation and prevents inflammation.

Natural compresses

How do I remove a bruise with the help of what is in the refrigerator?You can make a poultice of natural products.You can use fresh cabbage leaf.It must be good to recapture a hammer to get the juice.Then attach the sheet to the affected area and secure it with an elastic bandage or dressing.

compression is also suitable onions and salt.We need to take medium onion and grate it on medium or fine grater, turned to mush.It add 1 tablespoon of common salt and stir.The mixture should be a convenience wrapped in gauze and hold in place injury.

Such tools are very efficacious, but to prepare compresses it takes some time, and have put them 3 times a day.Each time you need to prepare a new fresh lotion.Keep it should be 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How do I remove a bruise: natralnye compresses to help cope with hematoma

Badyaga powder

This facility must be familiar to all.Badyagu powder can be purchased at the pharmacy.It costs quite inexpensive and works very efficiently.In order to prepare a therapeutic mixture to be diluted badyagu boiled water in a ratio of 2: 1.Mix thoroughly, you just spread it on the bruise and leave to dry.Then rinse with warm water.

Badyaga is a very powerful tool and it can be used not more than 2 times per day.To enhance the effect it is possible to add hydrogen peroxide.But such a structure is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin - it can remain burn.

Preventive measures

Prevention of bruises is to strengthen the blood vessels.It can be carried out both during treatment and after the disappearance of the bruise.First, you need to consume the necessary vitamins - C and K. They can be purchased at the pharmacy or get fresh fruits and vegetables.Enrich your diet citrus, fresh cabbage and carrots.Excellent prevention - a contrast shower and a gentle massage of the places where most of bruise.