Keratin straightening has recently become a very popular procedure for hair that can be done in any salon or at home.Manufacturers funds for its promise of excellent results and talk about all kinds of its advantages and merits.We have considered this topic in the article "Home keratin hair straightening."But it is definitely good, or have negative effects keratin hair straightening?Let's face it.

Keratin hair straightening

Consequences keratirovaniya hair

about all the benefits of this procedure, you can learn from the above article.However, not so long ago, this tool turned around very heated debate.It turns out keratirovanie hair may be detrimental to your well-being, namely, nausea and vomiting.But this is not the most terrible consequences of keratin hair straightening.According to numerous reviews, after the procedure is sometimes observed hair loss, and this phenomenon often occurs already in the session.What is the cause of such a side effect?The fact that the keratin itself harmless and ev

en useful, since it only protein which can not be the cause of such adverse effects.In this case, the thing is formaldehyde, which is part of the means for rectification.This component not only adversely affects the hair, it also has a negative impact on your state of health, because during the procedure, you inhale it, it becomes the cause of nausea and even vomiting.

But, unfortunately, it's not all negative consequences of keratin hair straightening.Not so long ago, American scientists have found that formaldehyde can cause:

  1. appearance of cancer cells in the body;
  2. Eye irritation, which can cause inflammation and, as a consequence, severe illness, even to complete loss of vision;
  3. irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, which can lead to excessive bleeding;
  4. emergence of all kinds of rashes on the skin, which may be accompanied by severe itching;
  5. irritation of the upper respiratory tract, which can lead to severe coughing and wheezing.

These problems often arise from the masters of the cabin, which is carried out every day keratin hair straightening.However, if you have hypersensitivity to formaldehyde, it would be enough for even one procedure to your health deteriorated.

consequences of keratin hair straightening: such a popular procedure has its drawbacks

should know that even if a part of means for hair straightening is no formaldehyde, it does not mean that you can avoid the negative consequences.All the same, US scientists found that most of the harmful components of change in the chemicals such as formalin or methylene glycol.They, in turn, upon heating (and without the use of ironing while this procedure does not do) "reborn" in formaldehyde, and he already is the above side effects.

negative consequences of keratin hair straightening, as a rule, there are those of the fair sex, who have decided to carry out the procedure at home.In this case, there may be a severe poisoning, which ends by calling an ambulance and hospitalization.In addition, home-treatment sometimes provoking excessive hair loss immediately after its completion, and sometimes even in the course of.This is often because of substandard keratirovaniya used cheap funds of dubious manufacturers.So if you have decided to save money on this procedure, you run a high risk to spend even more money to restore their hair, and even the time it will take a lot.

If you still want to do keratirovanie, then spend it in the cabin, where there is no formaldehyde is used in the composition of funds for rectification.It will cost more expensive and not so long remain on the hair, but you do not sacrifice your health.If you are not afraid of the negative consequences of keratin hair straightening, then at least try to check a few rules in its conduct, and some just know on.

consequences of keratin straightening volo : may appear as a specialist and the client

Rules of keratin hair straightening

to keratirovanie not ended in failure, it is necessary to observe the following precautions:

  1. Conductthis procedure only salon professionals you trust.
  2. Keratirovanie be done only in a well-ventilated, located directly above your seat.
  3. For breeding keratin can not use water, otherwise the procedure will be futile, since the protein disintegrates.
  4. Once the tool will be applied to the hair, they should not be dried with hot air, otherwise may start excessive loss due to destruction of the structure.
  5. When applying make sure that the means that it has not got to the scalp, or irritation may occur.
  6. And a final warning - no abuse of the procedure, in order to completely destroy the structure of the hair.

Thus, we have found what may be the consequences after keratin straightening.These recommendations will help you avoid many health problems and hair that may occur because of this procedure.Naturally, the decision to hold keratirovanie or not, is always yours.