Tattoos do not dare to everyone.Yet sometimes there is a desire at least a day hike with a pattern on the body.Today it can be done in several ways.One of them - flash tattoo.

Flash-tattoo appeared two years ago under the brand Dior.It is this fashion house first thought about the creation of temporary tattoos are safe for human health.Well, as it should be global brands, all of creation must be definitely fashionable and stylish.Therefore, flash tattoos so reminds us jewelry.The most common version of the tattoo - a metal chain or bracelet.Metallic may have both gold and silver color.Imitation jewelery is particularly attractive looks tanned body.

of flash tattoos

Metal tattoo is very often combined with these ornaments and accessories.You can make a few tattoo bracelets near the wristwatch.The same technique can be applied to fingers or simulating the ring, wearing jewelry or next to the figure.

Flash Tattoo: on the wrist as a bracelet

flash tattoo : the wrist

flash tattoo : chain on her hand

flash tattoo : geometric firury to brush

flash tattoo : the whole body

flash tattoo : onbiceps

flash tattoo : on fingers

Besides flash tattoos in the form of popular jewelry and tattoo lettering.It is enough to look cute short words such as «Love», «Family», etc.

flash tattoo : inscription

manufacturers have also released a line of tattoos in the form of pen and ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.It flaunts the option under the breast singer Rihanna, though drawing ink is applied.It turned out that this image liked young girls.Metal tattoo in the form of Isis chose a Vanessa Hudgens.

flash tattoo : Egyptian goddess Isis

flash tattoo : pen

flash tattoo : Egyptian theme

Beyonce prefer for themselves skoromny bracelet at the level of the elbow.In recent years, the singer can be seen with just such "decorations".

flash tattoo : Beyonce

If you think that flash tattoos are suitable only girls, you're wrong.Not uncommon for young people also purchased metal figures as underwear image.

flash tattoo : biceps on a gold chain

advantage of flash tattoo obvious.Firstly, they are on time, it is very important for those who do not want a permanent image.Second, put on your body the tattoo is very simple, similar to the principle of "perevodilki" from the 90s.Third, environmental and safety for the skin and health in general.Hold such tatoos for about a week.According to the manufacturers, have a high resistance to water.

Photo flash tattoo

Selecting flash tattoos is quite diverse.Apply them as a very simple and it can make itself at home.Our photoselection will help you to choose the design and application of space images.

Flash Tattoo: Beyonce and revolver

Flash tattoo : revolver and bracelets

Flash tattoo : color version on the wrist

Flash tattoo : on the hands

Flash tattoo : decorations on the wrist and neck

Flash tattoo : asEastern bracelets

Flash tattoo : pen and bracelets

Flash tattoo : gold bracelets

Flash tattoo : goldNecklace

Flash tattoo : bracelets, ornaments

Flash tattoo : laminated silver necklace

Flash tattoo : colorpatterns on hand

Flash tattoo : blue butterfly

Flash tattoo : Egyptian bracelets

Flash tattoo : Necklacein the form of coins

Flash tattoo : golden pen on the neck

Flash tattoo : bulky bracelets

Flash tattoo : bracelets and feather

Flash tattoo : pattern in the style of Mayan

Flash tattoo : a suspension

Flash tattoo : colored dreamcatcher on her hip