To look good is not always necessary to apply to the salon or spend a lot of money for the purchase of various assets.Everything you need you can do yourself.And when you try your creation, you may like the results so that you will always use them only.In this case, the entire issue is how to make such a means.There are many popular recipes beauty, ranging from masks and finishing shampoos.Today I would like to talk about how to make lotion at home.

Homemade lotion for face

Properties home facial lotions

To start find out what properties the lotion prepared at home:

  1. deep cleanses the skin.This means not only removes the contamination from the surface, but also from clogged pores.As a result, it reduces the number of unwanted rash.
  2. Acts as an antibacterial agent.
  3. Eliminates unwanted shine from his face.This feature makes this lotion is indispensable in the care of oily skin.
  4. Tightens pores.This prevents dirt from entering deep.
  5. Eliminates all kinds of rashes.

So, you probably saw that the l

otion at home in their properties are not inferior to shop facility.How to apply it properly to achieve the desired result, we continue to learn.

lotion at home: because some funds can not be stored for a long time, it is more expedient to make a small amount of lotion

rules applying lotion

Remember that any vehicle has its instructions for use.And homemade recipes should be no exception to this rule.Therefore it is necessary to know how to use a home Lotion:

  1. funds should be designed specifically for your skin type.This article will be given some recipes, which indicates for what type of a skin lotion is suitable.If you want to do to come up with the recipe, you should know that oily skin is not recommended to be added to the composition of the oil, dry - alcohol, vodka, etc.
  2. need to use lotion daily.But the amount of time also depends on your skin.For dry-type will be enough once a day for a fat skin type - three.If you have combination skin, use a lotion 1 time a day, and the areas where there is excess fat, processed separately 2 more times.The course is 2-3 months, then a break - a month, after which the lotion can be used again.At that time, when you pause, you can use other means for skin care.
  3. lotion prepared in the home should be kept cold.At the same time funds through a variety of different storage times.Thus, if the lotion is prepared at home on alcohol, it can be stored for 14 days, herbal teas - 7 days, the rest - 2 days.

lotion at home : use the tool according to your skin type

Recipes lotion at home

To prepare the lotion at home, you can use different recipes.Folk piggy their myriad.In this article we consider only some of them are very effective cleanse the skin.

Lotion for oily skin type

Oily skin always requires very meticulous care.Excess fat may shine on the face, and this can ruin the whole look.Therefore, we find out how to make lotion at home to remove excess greasiness face.

Grapefruit Lotion

It is very effective in the fight against unnecessary gloss and unwanted rash.Take grapefruit and squeeze the juice to get 150 ml.Then do the same with a lemon, but the output in this case should be 20 ml.Mix the juice obtained.Add to these 20 ml of vodka and pour liqueur into a bottle of dark glass.Put it in a dark place and wait for 3 days.Note that it should stand where maintained at room temperature.After a specified time, you can use the lotion.

lotion for dry skin type

To prepare the lotion at home for dry skin type, it is necessary to use such ingredients which do not provoke an even greater dryness.One such component is the banana, which is the basis of your facial lotion.


lotion This lotion not only cleanse the skin of impurities, but also moisturizes it.Take a banana and rub it on a small grater, to get a tablespoon of pasty substance.Then add to it the same amount of powdered sugar, 250 ml of milk and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.All components of the mix and put on fire.Once the broth boils, remove it.Wait a while until it cools down and Decant.Lotion in the home is ready for use.

lotion mixed type of skin

for this skin type is very difficult to choose the appropriate means, asOn the one hand, it must moisturize, and on the other - to remove excess fat.And yet there is a recipe that will act well and in fact, and in another case.Let us find out how to make lotion at home for this type of skin.

Lotion parsley

This recipe will be cleaned, and moisturize the skin at the same time where it is required.Take a small bunch of parsley and chopped it in such a way as to obtain a tablespoon.Then add to it 250 ml of boiling water and put on fire.Wait until the broth comes to a boil, turn down the flame and keep it for another 20 minutes.After that, remove the lotion and let it cool.Broth Decant and add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Naturally, there are many ways to prepare a lotion at home.In this case, we consider a simple but very effective means.Do not forget that the use of such cosmetic products you need on a daily basis.With homemade lotion you will have no fear that you will cause them harm your skin frequent use.All the above recipes are very simple, but at the same time very effective.