Artificial nails have long been very popular among the ladies.This can be explained very simply.Not every girl can grow their nails long and beautiful.Very often, they break down and exfoliate.A beautiful manicure want everything, and therefore resort to a procedure such as nails.But increasingly, that it do not go to the salon and try to master the technique of home.This is more convenient and economical.Let's find out how to make gel buildup in the home.

Home nail gel

Tools for nail

Before making capacity gel at home, you need to prepare all the necessary tools for the procedure, namely:

  1. UV lamp at 36 watts.Well, if it will be present timer.Then you do not have to constantly look at the clock during the procedure.He will inform you about the end of the allotted time.
  2. brush building.She has to be flat.
  3. Jig.In this case, you will need several pieces: 180/240 100/100 grit, and grit, and grit buff 120/120/120.
  4. Nail clippers.
  5. stick to the cuticle.
  6. Cutter.It is necessary, if you do build a gel
    at home on the tips.This cutter cuts them.
  7. Special brush to dust off the nails.
  8. form if you are doing nails on them or tips, if you have chosen this option for manicure (in this case, you will need more and glue).
  9. tweezers to press the artificial nail to her.It is necessary for fixing.
  10. Roller hand, smooth tissue that do not have cloth.They need to wipe the gel, which can get into the skin ..
  11. disinfectant.
  12. degreaser.It is necessary to ensure that your own nails firmly stuck artificial.
  13. acid-free primer.
  14. special means to get rid of the sticky layer.
  15. Finish gel.
  16. oil cuticle treatment.

Now that everything needed to build prepared, you can start the procedure.

Capacity gel at home: can be done in two ways - on the forms and tips

Preparation nails to build

Before you can build the gel at home, you need to remember one very important thing: in any case can not be heldthe procedure, if you have a nail fungus is present, if they are yellowed or cracked.Otherwise, you risk to aggravate the situation.If you do not have such problems, the nails should be prepared to build:

  1. Disinfect hands.
  2. Take a spatula and gently move the cuticle.Just remember that it is not necessary to cut.
  3. treated nails nail file 180/240 grit.Necessary to move away from the base to the edge of the nail.And then gives nails an oval shape.
  4. Brush any dust from nails and treat their acid-free primer.

note that both hands should not be processed immediately.Please do it with one, follow the build-up of gel, and then the other, and also do the build.

Home buildup gel on tips

First, consider how to make gel capacity at home on tips:

  1. Apply nails degreaser and hold them under a UV lamp for 3 minutes.
  2. Put primer.
  3. Glue tips - on each nail her.Push them to the nails with tweezers.
  4. Cutter Give Tipsy desired length.
  5. Next nail file very carefully align the boundary between your nail and artificial.Just remember that you can not touch your nail.
  6. After that you can start applying the gel.Do this 45-degree angle to avoid hurting the cuticle.So, brush, apply a thin layer of gel and drain it under the lamp for 2 minutes.Then put another layer of gel.But he has to be thicker than the first.Dry it under a lamp for 4 minutes.
  7. treated nails by means of an adhesive layer.
  8. With nail files make the desired shape of the nails.
  9. Apply finish gel and treat the cuticles with special oil.

That's happening capacity gel at home on the tips.For a deeper acquaintance with the procedure nail style jacket can be in the video tutorial.

Capacity gel at home : video

Domestic capacity to form gel

Now find out how to do this procedure in the form:

  1. Secure form on the nails.This should be done as follows: form, place under her nails and put a thin layer of gel.Then hold them under a UV lamp about half a minute.
  2. Treat the entire nail nail file, moving from its base to the edge.With brush any dust.
  3. Apply a thick layer of gel and hold the nails under the lamp for 2 minutes.Then turn the arm so still and hold 1 minute.To file your nails again.If you want a thicker nail polish, then apply another layer just after each necessarily keep them under a lamp.Upon completion remove all forms.
  4. treated nails by means of an adhesive layer.
  5. Put on the finish nails and gel nails hold a lamp for 30-40 seconds.Deal with cuticle oil.

This is how you can accomplish capacity gel at home in many ways.

In conclusion I want to add that if you want to make a pattern, or jacket, or any other varnish, then perform it before the finish-coat nail gel.Then manicure continue for long.