in the beauty industry quickly entered and secure idea brondirovanie hair, its popularity is increasing worldwide, invented new ways.It is believed that a simple woman looking at the famous fascinatingly beautiful ladies from the screen, popularized this trend - to make light brondirovanie.Due to certain actions hairstylist and manipulate colors, hair get incredibly attractive.There is also a version of a darker color, but it is not so successful, so you should familiarize yourself with the more popular procedure brondirovanie on blonde hair.

Terms brondirovanie blond hair

According to conventional technology brond-staining, should apply a little light curls.For modern women with brown hair it is preferable to use the light spectrum.The basis taken natural hair, easy color adjustment is possible, and in general in the finished hairstyle dominated by various shades of light cold or warm gamma.

carried out professionally brondirovanie multicolored light colors beyond recognition transforms any brown h

air, hair of dull and gray turns into a lively and extravagant.Experts estimate the condition of the hair and analyzes their color, then determines the list of colors that will be used.Very close to each other, but still different light colors are applied in such a way that the hair takes the form of bulk composition, wherein the strands of multifaceted shine and thus look very interesting.


One hair boldly combines warm golden locks, locks of wheat, honey accents, there are variants of brown color, as well as beige and coffee notes.These techniques make it possible to draw in clients salons hairstyles and create gorgeous play of the game, similar to the activity of the sun.

Cold gamma

If the master decides client or wish to use the cool shades, the hair strands will include linen, pearl, beige, pearl, walnut coffee-play, ash-brown blotches, which will create a magical glowing effect on the hair.Light brondirovanie in cold tones used in cases where a woman is suited for the style, type, face and skin.


Types There are several types of light brondirovanie.

  • approach super nature implies the result as close as possible to the natural hair.
  • direction ombre hair requires a smooth transition of color devices by its recess from ends to roots.
  • brondirovanie with the addition of California highlighting means applying shading at the base of the hair.
  • There brond-type coloring, including layering varying shades.Some
  • to clients who prefer a style BROND done glare highlights.
  • You can get a good result if we apply light colors, and with the game of colors, add the illusion of natural hair: it looks as if the strands are burned by the sun.
  • pastel coloring within BROND technology also promises to output a very natural look hairstyle.
  • Sometimes used method of surrounding a person specially colored strands or processed only contour haircut is one of the subspecies reception ombre.
  • very beautiful woman, whose hair is decorated with floating staining when shades quietly and gently into one another.
  • also salons offer brondirovanie zone type or partial painting in the same style.

brondirovanie: on blond hair style Ombre

brondirovanie : on blond hair Kim Kardashian

brondirovanie : Hollywood

brondirovanie : to blonde hair over the entire length

brondirovanie : on blond hair tips

brondirovanie : on blond hair

brondirovanie : Mariah Carrey

brondirovanie : Elle Macpherson

brondirovanie : on blond hair front strands

brondirovanie in bright colors: the necessary conditions

This procedure is not cheap with a very attractive result, not all available, for example, stylists often dissuade from this type of salon services those women whose hair may incorrectly perceive this technique.These include holders of overly porous hair or curls with extra crispy structure.In these cases, unattainable playing glow effect of the use bronidrovaniya.The same situation with too short hair, which can not be transferred off the desired color and implement complex transitions.Contraindications also act: the possibility of allergies, previous staining henna hair in a depleted condition and in large numbers dropping out or expressed their predisposition to obsecheniyu.

Ideally, a woman decides on the method of processing hairstyles should be average or very long hair, structurally straight or slightly wavy.It should be noted that a good result is achieved only when the client is put in order - produced by the treatment of hair and other activities.The cabin can help this by offering restoring sessions, treatments for moisturizing, removing ugly obsechennyh tip.The hair should be really great - only against this background color will form perfectly and naturally.

crucial original color if it is represented by one of the variants of dark brown-haired, one has to make a pre-state lighting to light brown-haired or at least bringing to dark blond.Owners blond hair in this case is lucky more than others, since they will have no limitations, except that the poor condition of the hair, but it can be corrected using modern recreational facilities.

brondirovanie procedures to be used exclusively in the salons of professional paint sets of the oldest manufacturers with unshakable authority.The range of hairstyles to choose strictly cold or warm, not always permissible to mix in a single composition variations of these colors.One embodiment of the color of the other is to retreat to a maximum of 1-2 (rarely 3) tone, the only way to achieve a unique natural effect when the tips of the strands and some look a little burnt ultraviolet light.

disadvantages of this type of hair dye can be considered as the duration of the procedure, the high cost and the risk of damage to the paint.But any doubts will be blocked, if we take into account the huge advantage in the form of practicality.It consists in the fact that light brondirovanie significantly improves the appearance hairstyles through the creation of additional volume.Not sharp transitions of colors and shades stretching techniques allow us not to worry about regrowth because they look good, as a result do not require frequent adjustment.