not often you can meet the person who would have had no problems with the skin.One of these problems is acne.Most often, there are pimples on the face, but it also happens that there are also spots on the neck.Causes, treatment and prevention of acne, we consider in our today's article.

Causes of acne on the neck

acne on the neck may appear not only in the transition to adulthood, but much later.And this can happen for many reasons

Clogging of pores

If sebum is allocated more than you need, the skin just does not have time to bring it out, so that the pores become clogged with sebum and becomes inflamed.In such a situation, you should consult a beautician, so it was prescribed.It should be noted that "Baziron" and "Skinoren", which is usually prescribed for the treatment of acne on the face, do not fit in the case of acne on the neck.


During the day we walk down the street, drive to transport, etc.The skin at this time accumulates dirt that is mixed with sebum creates a dirty greasy

film on the skin.This leads to foci of infection, and then inflammation.In this case it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

Regularly wash your neck, preferably two times a day - it will remove dirt and prevent possible skin inflammation.You can use cosmetic products for problem skin.It should be noted that scrubs should be as soft, so as not to traumatize the skin, otherwise there is a risk of infection to healthy skin - on inflamed areas of the skin becomes thinner, and the probability of damage it greatly increases.

Change bedding at least one times a week - on the pillows and sheets is sebum, dust settles on them, eventually got dirt gets on his neck.

not wear a shirt, T-shirt, turtleneck long - a mixture of dirt and fat from the neck, which is formed during the day remains on the collar, and the next day irritate the skin.

not mask the pimples tones and other cosmetic products - in this case overlaps the access of oxygen to the inflamed site, cosmetics gradually mixed with sebum, further strengthening the contamination and infection, if any, may fall into the tool itself and thenalready infect healthy skin.

acne on the neck: most often appear in winter and summer

Wrong skin care

like facial skin, the skin of the neck requires a minimum of careful maintenance.It can not be overdry, since the drier the skin, the more sebum, the more pollution and more acne.Moisturize neck can light cream gel, causing it necessary to clean the skin and to improve the overall condition of the skin, in addition to the masks, it is useful to wipe the skin with warm chamomile extract - it has antiseptic effect.

clothes that cover the neck

If you have acne on the neck, it should be deleted from the wardrobe of clothes with a high collar.This is due to several reasons.Firstly, the high collar neck rubs, micro cracks appear, and the infection can be spread across the skin.Secondly, the availability of oxygen in this case very limited.Garments should be selected from natural fibers (cotton, linen), synthetic fabrics because impede the outflow of air and perspiration, leaving it on the skin, which leads to contamination of the skin and, in the worst case, may cause allergic reactions also.

Allergic reactions

fairly common cause of acne on the neck.In this case, you should check an allergic reaction to cosmetics, toilet water, household chemicals (eg, laundry detergent and fabric softener, which is used for washing clothes).Bed linen should be ironed and the bed after sleeping for some time recommended not made, thereby giving it an airing.In addition, care should be taken to the room, and, consequently, on the bed, as small as possible dust.

hormonal imbalance

One of the most common causes of excess sebum, which provokes the appearance of acne.In this case, consult an endocrinologist, on his recommendation to pass tests, then it will determine the cause and prescribe treatment.


It so happens that in the search for the most effective way to clean the skin, we forget that the state of the stomach and intestines directly affect the skin condition.In particular, due to malnutrition among other things, there are spots on the neck.The reasons for this may be two.The first - the use of certain products that can cause a rash - spicy food, honey, soy, chocolate, citrus fruits.The second - an excess of fats and carbohydrates in food.It's fast food, sugary sodas, pastries.Should be included in the diet of fruits and vegetables, vitamin complexes - particularly pay attention to the presence in the diet of vitamins A and E - they meet in the body of the state of the skin.

If pimples have appeared

first and main rule - do not squeeze existing acne.Squeezing them can spread the infection in healthy portions.Appeared acne can be lubricated with iodine - he quickly erode and eliminate the infection.All known salicylic acid is also well suited for the treatment of acne is not only the face but also the neck.Pure alcohol solution of salicylic acid is not recommended, because it is very dry out the skin, it is better to use special cosmetics with its content.If the skin there is an excess of sebum, can be used when washing tar soap.

In any case, have to be patient to treat acne on his neck - the causes are eliminated for a long time, but the result will delight the skin healthy and beautiful appearance.