Celebrities live a public life, they are always in sight, and their every move is examined under a microscope.As ordinary people, celebrities love tattoos.On some tattoo you want to watch for hours, marveling at the original design and intent of the owner.On the other simply does not look without tears and regret.It turns out that stars make mistakes, and this also applies to the underwear picture.mixfacts.ru made your list of celebrities whose tattoos can rightly be called "the worst."Let's get started.

Tattoos Celebrity Tattoos

Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole

always distinguished by its brightness.While still in the group Girls Aloud, it was hard not to notice among their colleagues on stage.Perhaps for this reason, and she chose a less extravagant design tattoo in the form of roses.And it's not in the picture, and its massiveness at such a delicate and slender body of the star.Rose bushes Cheryl stuffed at the back, thus closing his old tattoo butterfly.As the singer stated that the butterfly for her -

a symbol of the beginning.Well, the beginning of a career has long been expected, and we note very well, so the need for such a figure has disappeared by itself.So Cheryl removed her here so that's a bad way.

Celebrity Tattoos: Cheryl Cole

tattoo Justin Bieber Justin Bieber

known for his love of tattoos.At such a young age the singer already has a set of drawings on his body.The last "acquisition" Justin - Eye tattoo mom singer.Thus, the young man always feels the presence of the person close to him.However, besides this cute tattoo Justin has a full and its opposite - a very strange figure to the girl wings, reminiscent of his former girlfriend Selena Gomez.Is Justin does not know that you can never prick portraits and names of their friends, especially in the beginning of a relationship?Whatever it was, but in the rating of the worst tattoos celebrities Justin Bieber with Selena its wings in second place.

Tattoos celebrities : Justin Bieber

tattoo Johnny Depp Johnny Depp

once made the same mistake as his young colleague Justin Bieber.It is known that Depp met with actress Winona Ryder for many years, even a couple announced their engagement.In honor of the actor himself tattooed on his arm tattoo inscription «Winona Forever», which means "Winona Forever".However, the plans collapsed stars, and they parted.Johnny had to interrupt his tattoo "Winona" to "wine".The result was «Wino Forever», which is translated as "wine forever."I do not think that someone deliberately wanted to catch yourself in the abuse of alcohol.But Johnny Depp got just that.

Tattoos celebrities : Johnny Depp

Tattoo About Steve

This guy knows how to get the crowd and attract attention.A well-known fact that Steve-O is absolutely devoid of taste in terms of the tattoo.Many of his paintings have repeatedly recognized the worst.But the portrait of your own on the back of hotel is worth considering.Probably not many can come to the idea of ​​perpetuating himself on his own body well.Steve Portrait of beauty close-up of the entire back-actor joker with the inscription «Yeah dude, I rock!» (Yes, man, I'm really cool, and I'm steering wheel).Incredibly big head, differ greatly from the actual size of the head of Steve O says about his inner qualities, namely passion to attract attention.

Tattoos celebrities : Steve-O Tattoo Pink

Singer Pink is also distinguished by its originality and stuffed on the hand "help button" - the word «help» for a small point.The artist herself admits that she does not, she is very helpful and needs to be activated.I wonder how many people have clicked on the button to annoy Pink?

Tattoos celebrities : Pink

Tattoos Nicole Richie

Love of God - this is good.No one will blame you for it.But to show their religious orientation on so bad for this place, namely, the fifth point, blasphemous.As you can see, Nicole Richie has placed a tattoo of a cross just below the waist.

Tattoos celebrities : Nicole Richie

Tattoo Marc Jacobs

list of "worst celebrity tattoos" continues the famous Marc Jacobs.Renowned worldwide designer always affects its taste and original ideas.However, it is a taste of it and failed.Do not understand the reason why Marc Jacobs made a tattoo in the form of Sponge Bob, but it looks awful.Grown men do not go to childhood.

Tattoos celebrities : Marc Jacobs

Tattoo Carey Hart Carey Hart

- known American rider and part-time husband of singer Pink.In 2009, a young man just shocked others, demonstrating his unusual tattoos, to be precise, the idea of ​​drawing.On hand motorcyclist knocked portrait of his beloved wife of the dead man.Well, what can I say ...

Tattoos celebrities : Carey Hart

Scarlett Johansson Tattoo

last in our list of "worst celebrity tattoos" Scarlett Johansson.She is always elegant and attractive.But sometimes critical of her stylists stars colored tattoo in the form of a sunset on the hand, considering it tasteless and does not fit the image of the "Hollywood diva."The very same Scarlett loves his drawing and says that everyone look at him makes her happy.

Tattoos celebrities : Scarlett Johansson

worst celebrity tattoos - is not a myth.Even the most famous people can make some mistakes, which will then be very difficult to correct.What is the reason: in bad taste or a second pulse?Whatever it was contemplating his future tattoo detail before you go to the master, and you will avoid such curiosities as the stars from our list.