Beautiful hair - is a great way of completion.Furthermore, it can give confidence.Only here there is one "but" - as a rule, it lasts only for a few hours.And by the end of the day, especially on a hot day, it may remain on only a memory.But sometimes hair so well it turns out that it would be desirable that it was kept as long as possible.Save a beautiful hairdo will help long-term hair styling.Let's find out more about how to do it.

How to make a lasting styling hair?

Long-styling hair is easily performed at home.This means that we should not spend money on a visit to the salon.Just to get a good result, you need to know a few rules.Namely:

  1. If you want to permanently preserve the bulk hair, then this must be applied to the hair styling spray.Not only the full length.This is the main mistake of all those who make such order.Spray only need to sprinkle on your hair at their base.However, they should not be dry, but moist, but not soggy, otherwise the hair will not turn.Moreover, all the hair dryer t
    o dry it is not necessary, because they simply can not dry out, and you have to go with damp hair.Then the hair dryer (hot air) dry hair at their base.The remaining locks just need to shake up his hands.This hairstyle hold on the hair for at least two days.If you want to keep it a little longer, then the next day after the installation of spray sprinkle already dry hair at their base and drain hairdryer.So you save even longer hair.
  2. If you are using straighteners, the long-term hair styling may happen if you use a dry spray to protect the hair during heating.It will help keep hair.Apply the spray to dry hair.This should be done over the entire length.Next "proutyuzhte" hair.Just make sure that the temperature on the unit does not exceed 180 degrees.It will save and the health of your hair and style.She will stay at least two days.And if you fix her hair lacquer, then much longer.
  3. There also want to talk about some little secret of stylists.They use it to save a lot of styling the hair.So, stylists for this wash your hair with shampoo with brilliant microparticles, and then fix the hair lacquer with sparkles.This installation can hold three or four days, and even longer.In the morning it is recommended to comb the hair and then fix them with lacquer.Only this method is not very suitable for those who work in the strict rules.But in the long New Year holidays will be the same.
  4. Use styling means the average fixation and strong fixation of the funds better give up.Thus, the hair will remain for two or three days.But the sense of "skleinnosti" Hair will not.As a result, you get a long-term hair styling that will look quite natural.
  5. Do not laying shortly before going to bed.Clean hair is even dry, very easy to change shape.Therefore they rastreplyutsya per night and upon waking from the hairstyles will be over.It is better to do styling in the morning, and if this is not possible, it is not earlier than 4 hours before bedtime.So the hair get used to your chosen shape and rastreplyutsya.Thus, laying persist about a couple of days.
  6. to get a long-term blow to the hair, it is necessary to do it on wet hair, using a hair dryer with two air flows.First you need to use the hot air flow and then cold.Then the hair will last three or four days.To do this, you need a professional hairdryer.Only he has hot and cold air.If you have ever made in laying the cabin, you probably noticed that there is used such a device.After the hair salon can be maintained even 7 days.
  7. To styling stayed a few days, you can make a small bouffant hairdo and fix varnish.Then it will last several days.Toll top bouffant comb should be smooth in order not to be seen.Otherwise, it will not look quite aesthetically pleasing.But if you bouffant zamaskiruete, the styling looks very nice, well-groomed and natural.
  8. not use for laying weighting means.Because of their hair becomes formless within a few hours.But you have a completely different goal - long-term hair styling.After weighting means hair will not last even until the end of the working day.

Long-styling hair: bulking roots

Long-styling hair : large ringlets

Long-styling hair : smallspiral

If you would like to have had curls or waves, you can also use the services of the salon and make biozavivka.This procedure is completely harmless and will help you keep laying a long time.More information about this can be read in the article "Hair after biozavivki."

Here are ways you can get a long-term hair styling.The main thing is to follow all the recommendations, and then everything will turn out.You do not have to style your hair every morning, which means you can sleep longer.