Many women often change their image.This is not surprising, because, as they say - "no limit to perfection."But sooner or later your perfect image is found, continue to change something do not want to.But it does not mean that it can not be a little refreshing.For example, if you have dark hair, and hair color, and you're happy, but you want to change something, you can make dark highlights.It will look in a new way, but at the same time, global change will not happen.Let's learn how to make a dark highlights on dark hair.

This kind of highlighting recently came into vogue, but already enjoys great popularity among the fair sex.This is not surprising, because a painting can not only refresh the image, but also make the hair more volume.Dark highlights on dark hair is done in the same way as the conventional weave, only in this case are not used lightening paint and dark.Now let's talk about ways to conduct this type of staining.

dark hair weave

methods of dyeing dark brown hair on

If you decide to dark highlights on dark hair, you can do so in the following ways:

  • classic way .It is used for highlighting foil.The hair is divided into strands, which applied paint.Then, the dyed tresses is placed in foil and left until the paint is not in place on the hair.
  • using a special cap. It made a lot of holes, through which, with a hook, pulls the strands, and then paint them.
  • with special comb. In this case, the dark highlights on dark hair turns very clear.This is not surprising, after all, to make this type of stain, paint is applied to the brush, and then in the hair strands.
  • hands. This method allows staining create a unique image for those with wavy hair.In this case, the paint is applied directly in the hands of a chaotic manner.
  • around. This dark highlights on dark hair do the same with foil, but on a different principle.In this case, it is not necessary to divide the hair into locks.Just cut out a circle of foil, and the center is a hole. Strands straightened and laid out on the edges. After this paint is applied and hair is wrapped with foil.
  • fleece. This kind of dark brown hair dyeing to do very rarely.In this case, all of the hair is very tease, and the paint is applied.Hair turns out very original, because there is no particular order of staining.This highlights can be done for those who have short hair or medium length.

For those who do not want to do all hair coloring, highlighting there is a bang and ends.This color can be very different and not necessarily close to your shade.In this case, all the hair dyeing is not necessary.Other colors framed by a fringe or tips.

dark highlights on dark hair: Angelina Jolie

dark highlights on dark hair : Kerry Washington

Pros dyeing dark brown hair on

This type of staining has its advantages.Namely:

  • not damage hair because it does not require clarification.
  • With the right mix of color and thanks to the professionalism of the master dark highlights on dark hair can accentuate the shape of the face and make you younger.
  • Suitable for any hairstyle.Sometimes staining can be carried out only in the long or medium length hair.In this case, no such limitation.

Now let's find out what colors can be used for this type of staining.

for dark colors on dark hair dyeing

most suitable colors for highlighting dark on dark hair is brown, cognac, caramel, coffee, chocolate, and most red shades.In this case the hair looks stylish and elegant.But you can do and "screaming" staining.Then you need green, blue, yellow, purple or pink shades.This hairstyle is perfect for bold natures who do not like to blend in with the crowd, but prefer to be in the spotlight.Only here to work or school with the head, few would dare to go.Therefore, this painting is better to make it easy to wash off gel.Then, for example, on the weekend, you will be able to show off, but to the everyday life back to the original hairstyle.

dark highlights on dark hair : staining the front strands

dark highlights on dark hair : staining the upper strands

dark highlights on dark hair : uniform longitudinal staining

dark highlights on dark hair : staining lighter shade

dark highlights on dark hair : staining tips

Dark highlights on dark hair : coloring hair tips

dark highlights on dark hair : okrashivananie style Ombre a few shades lighter

Care Highlighted Hair

To save the color as apossible, after coloring the hair must be carefully looked after.Let's learn how to do it.

  • select special care for colored hair.
  • If you make highlights in the summer, to preserve the color, do the following: Wash your hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner that does not need to wash and that contains sunscreen.
  • If you visit the pool, it does more damage to the hair, even when using a swimming cap.The fact that the bleach is present in the basin and that it harms the hair.To prevent this, rinse the head with spring water before bathing.
  • once a week to do moisturizing hair mask.
  • Use the serum for hair care.
  • That's how you can make a dark highlights on dark hair and preserve the color.