For various reasons, the face and anywhere on the body can remain scars, scars.Less deep subtle damage can be completely removed without resorting to serious methods and pronounced marks on the skin may require prolonged healing and considerable cost to it.This article will list how to remove the scar, what are the most effective and popular methods.

How to get rid of scars on his face?

If on the face traces of any skin diseases, no doubt, it is unpleasant.Modern beauty industry to offer several different ways to correct skin defects spoil the appearance of the face.

high results show laser procedures performed in salons and specialized clinics.For example, it may be noted laser peels, gradually destroys damaged skin cells, the device acts similarly to the surface grinding.At the same time the laser causes the skin to produce an impressive amount of collagen.

With laser treatment is also practiced deep scars, and the way the unit is a point in many layers of the skin, including at a considerable dep

th.From these procedures begin production of collagen, elastin.This method is excellent heals scars and atrophic type normotroficheskie defects.

fully replace peeling, laser or chemical, it may be a method of diamond microdermabrasion.As part of this process, the actual encryption of the skin on its surface exposed diamond tool, equipped with abrasive particles.The effect of this procedure will be strengthened if it is combined with mesotherapy without injections.

surgical methods are sometimes necessary to use for quick correction of the defect on the face.Scars any prescription can be permanently deleted by the existence of Plastic Surgeons.There is a feature in the form of a need for carrying multiple operating sessions.This happens because doctors tend to make the clinics of plastic and aesthetic carefully your job, the more that it is not cheap.Technique used when operating, is chosen directly by the Executive - a doctor, he also analyzes the patient's body and act with maximum caution.

In consultation with the master of plastic surgery on how to remove the scar, it is for example, will cause a variety of ways, one of which is selected to operate according to the specifics of the state of damage to the skin.A common method - cut tissue damaged by scars and stitching inside the skin.An alternative technique is to adjust the shape of the scar.He practiced as a way to work on the scar with the addition of the transplanted skin.Used complex expander dermotension more suitable for masking pronounced scars, scars.In the first stage of the intervention expander is implanted, which is a silicone hollow member where subsequently injected with saline, thereby stretching the skin occurs.The second step is the extraction of sewn container cutting fragments of skin with scar and final tightening of the skin.

Scar: on the body and face can be removed by laser, but sometimes it is more expedient to resort to folk recipes

How to remove scars on the body?

perfect disguise various scars and defects is to create attractive tattoos, if the pattern is applied to a real master of his craft, then, from the skin defect there will be no trace.With the right approach to the application of imaging technology can be made completely invisible scar of any complexity.Rather not aesthetically pleasing damage on the body will be located currently decoration.Although this method is not acceptable for all.

If the damage is minor, may help pharmaceutical agents, which are not cheap.But in any case, it requires prior consultation with a good specialist, who will be able to adequately assess the chances of recovery of the skin and to determine effective methods that will be appropriate in a particular case.

When smallholder scars can be quite severe exposure, folk remedies, such as honey, lemon juice or lightening extracts from aloe.

Women are often concerned about stretch marks on the skin.Of course, you can get rid of them, but the domestic wound is useful only in the case of fresh damage.If the stretch is already fixed on the abdomen, thighs, legs, chest, or other places, so it is not necessary to apply a weak effect means there will have to act seriously.Experts usually initially prescribed laser methods - dermabrasion, grinding surface area covered by the neodymium laser.Particularly heavy extensive stretching is often recommended to remove by surgical excision.

If we talk about the topic of the scar on the skin in a global sense, the common opinion of experts is reduced to low or no effectiveness of any home remedies or recipes of traditional medicine, or more precisely they can show some results, but only on the most minor defects of the skin and exposure immediatelyafter the formation of these lesions.

If you ask the modern expert on how to remove the scar with high chances of long-lasting results, then surely it will point to the latest developments of medicine and cosmetology, such as cash rich enzyme collagenase silicone.