by applying to the body drawing the bear can provide a variety of different values.The main role here is played by the image of the selected animal.If the bear shows a tattoo aggressive and angry, then it will be clear what is meant fearlessness, power and full power.Drawings of animals showing his kind and sweet, embody wisdom, flexible, harmony, peace and confidence.Different interpretations bears show it as infinitely loving mother and symbolize fertility and virtue.

Popular tattoo bears

Bear close to each

Figures bear the Russians so pleasing to the eye due to the fact that the subconscious mind takes this image as a symbol of our country and a clear view of the Russian spirit.Most of these tattoos can be seen in males, who want to make a stamp on the body of boundless courage and measured force, but a female version of the tattoo also has a great variety.

drawing style

impossible to look away from those shown on the skin of realistic, lifelike, bears a natural background and professional na

ture of the imposition of chiaroscuro.In addition to such a serious approach, there is a pleasant and positive cartoon design pictures.Many male and female bears tattoos are made with brilliant humorous overtones.Modern tattoo artists are able to beat the figures of bears, giving them the features of the Scythian or Celtic style.

Best Places to bear tattoo

often found himself in a variety of bear, or his legs, claw marks applied to any area of ​​the breast or thigh.Also artists recommend wearing bear on the blades and shoulders.

Tatu Bear: on the edges

Tatu Bear : on the blade

Tatu Bear : on hand

Tattoo Bear

Valuestattoos bear

So, bear, shown in different ways, can carry completely different meanings.Here are the most common tattoos, the main element of which is a bear.In some cases, the personal qualities most accurately conveys the brown bear, which can also be traced to the different overtones.Someone closer to polar bears, attracted by its unique and rare method of color drawings.Another pleasant to carry panda.And in some cases, the nature emphasizes the best menacing grizzly.

peace and strong

tattoos brown bear, realistically located for a pleasant stay in the background of natural forest green or sun-drenched shores of the river, passes the rejection of conflict, natural wisdom and, of course, power.

White Bear

When applied tattoo white bear, it may reflect a boundless desire to survive in all situations, perhaps loneliness, love of life, a natural fearlessness.The relative rarity in the world of tattoos is the use of white paint, is well suited to style of polar bears.

Cute panda bear

Those who do not want the standard applied to the skin of a bear, but still feels affection for these animals, and also wishes to convey his good humor and optimism of life, selected drawings panda or a koala.

Hard Grizzly

If applied in drawing a huge bear wildlife grizzly mean a person is present in abundance such as the quality of determination and a predisposition to deal effectively with all the difficult and even dangerous conditions.

Bear Paw

tattoo depicting the great bear's paw, is a symbol of vested shares of mysticism and also embodies power.

Angry Bear

tattoo depicting snarling, aggressive and ferocious clearly shows the brown bear being evil and dangerous.Accordingly, it is possible to draw conclusions about the nature and the person who is the owner of the pattern on the skin.

Tattoo bear grin

tattoo bearish grin gives courage, the power of the already powerful and brave its owners.The grin bear lies manhood and courage, a strong spirit, and unwavering courage.Meaning tattoo grin is also reduced to the obligation of the battle with the enemy, daring to interfere with the goal.


applied to the skin and decorated by the tattoo artists Picture Next bear claws conveys the spirit of the presence of military valor and nobility inherent quality.

Bear mom

incredibly caring and wise mother of a bear.Tattoos depicting this colorful and significant way symbolize fertility and mothering ability deepest.

Tatu Bear : on hip

Tatu Bear : on foot

Tatu Bear : on the blade

Tatu Bear : on the blade

Tatu Bear : on the shoulder

Tatu Bear : chest

Tatu Bear : chest

Tatu Bear : on hand

Tatu Bear : on the shoulder

Tatu Bear : on the blade

Tatu Bear : that says "Love yourself" (Love yourself)

People who love the art of tattoo wishes to display on themselves these qualities, embody a symbol of resistance, indicate the rebirth of life, sooner or later,arrive at the idea to put the image on the skin.Tattoo and generally bear the image of the animal, are not only a symbol of our Russia, they came to us from ancient times and are found in many cultures.So, this animal really deserves attention.It can be seen incredible popularity of tattoos with bears in different styles and undying demand for them, it is especially relevant in today's cruel and difficult for the survival of the world.