A common abnormality is localized on the legs, it is a painful and difficult curable ingrown nails.This happens for various reasons, the possible predisposing factors known to a number.If the nail grows, tell the doctor what to do.To rid yourself of pain and various inconveniences related to improper development of the nail, it is necessary to eliminate the irritant that caused the trouble, and to get professional advice from a health care provider and begin a comprehensive treatment, following all regulations.

New methods of adjustment ingrown nail


Nail plate is constantly growing into the skin and deliver the pain, just it has an irregular shape.To save patients from inflammation and help in correcting the nail pharmaceutical industry to offer special plates, which are leaf spring from dyuraplastika, decorated glass.This device is designed for cross-laying method on a sick nail.Due to the elasticity of the plate, the edges of the treated nail can be lifted.The brilliant idea of ​​overlappi

ng plates showing high efficiency and already competes with alternative methods of treatment of the same problem.

Medical plates quickly install and unpretentious care, made of harmless material and does not make themselves felt when wearing shoes without bothering the user.Securely fastened correcting the record does not hide and does not unattractive nail, it adapts to all shapes of nails, in addition it can be successfully masked by the manicure process and cover the entire surface with varnish.

plates and brackets: were increasingly used in the treatment of this problem


gaining popularity new methods impact on ingrown toenails, for example, often superimposed staples.As in the case with the above described plates, minimizing the crushing effects happening on the sick nail, its silhouette is gradually approaching normal.A feature of the method is appropriate staples applied at an early stage, when pathological processes of formation of purulent focus is not yet occur.

Medical bracket is a thin wire frame, its diameter is equal to total 0.4-0.7 mm.The device does not imply difficulties in installing and practically adjacent to the nails, there is a connection via a gel applied in the middle.Along the edges of the nail a bracket hooks.Moreover, you can easily change the intensity of the contractions.It should be noted that it is unacceptable excessive tightening bracket to avoid causing disruption of the nail.Because of these features, these corrective devices should be placed on sick nails exclusively in hospital settings and only knowledgeable specialists.When installing the plate the patient feels no pain and is immune from unexpected reactions of the organism due to the material safety brackets.There is a moderate tightening of the medical device, at the expense of tissue adjacent to the fingernail patients experiencing minimal load and prevent them from injury.This approach provides rapid relief from the inflammatory focus.After a short wearing it is possible to cut off once the injured tissue area of ​​the nail.

If the nail grows, what to do - it is clear, for example, you can install a bracket and soon form the affected nail will be adjusted, further growth will continue in the correct mode.For those who wish to creatively approach to the eradication of this problem, or is engaged in a correction in the summer time, you can apply for such staples decorations to make it look like a decoration in the overall picture of a neat pedicure.Size staples sets once, you can select according to concrete nails, then you can vary the degree of tension.

Conveniently, installation brackets can not be a barrier to access to the pool, gym and other places where they can be seen toes.Fungal diseases of the feet or nails Never use staples, as well as they are contraindicated for children under six years.

Alternative methods of treatment of ingrown nails

There are many ways, medicines, technologies for getting rid of leg problems growing into the skin surrounding the nail.Selection of an appropriate treatment should be carried out, depending on the complexity of the situation and the characteristics of the nail of the individual.In addition to the above methods, the following methods of treatment.You can arrange a variety of baths to help improve the condition of nails and calm the skin, for example, while a good idea to use water instead of mineral herbal teas.In certain cases, it helps addition to the treatment in the form of decoupling, processing oils, mixtures of People of the available products.Show high efficiency salt bath.Do not ignore the medicinal plants, for example, it is an excellent means of harmless aloe.Some sources recommend kombucha or different packs with herbs.

If the nail grows, it is now clear what to do: go to the doctor and begin treatment immediately in order to avoid proliferation of purulent tissue damage.No matter grow in human nails or not, you must pay attention to the prevention of this unpleasant powerful state, set the intricacies of this case, as well as all domestic methods used as an adjunct to the treatment of the feet, can prompt a doctor.By the way, right on the medical problem of ingrown nails language called ingrown nail.