Many of the problems associated with the skin appear because of lack of vitamin A (retinol) and E (tocopherol).When there is a shortage of them starts peeling, appears pale, acne, dryness.To eliminate these problems will Aevitum.This preparation containing vitamins A and E in the oil.It is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.In the first case, to avoid intoxication, you will need your doctor's approval.For external use specialist advice is required.

Use Aevitum

Aevitum face the following functions:

  1. regulates metabolic process that occurs in the tissues;
  2. Strengthens the immune system cells;
  3. promotes the growth of skin cells;
  4. Strengthens tissue by enhancing their protective properties;
  5. Prevents dehydration, as well as the reproduction of viruses and bacteria;
  6. protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences.
  7. improves blood circulation;
  8. moisturizes even the deepest layers of the epidermis;
  9. whitens the skin and lightens pigmentation;
  10. rejuvenates by cell renewal;
  11. smoothes wrinkles, even deep;
  12. Provides skin lifting;
  13. helps to narrow pores and get rid of acne, as well as following their convergence.

Because of these properties Aevitum used for oral administration and externally.


Aevitum face is shown at:

  1. Increased sebaceous glands of the skin;
  2. presence of acne or following their convergence;
  3. dry and aging skin;
  4. skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis;
  5. hair loss and seborrhea of ​​the skin;

Aevitum provides for the use as a prevention of these processes.

Aevitum face: Aevitum can be used in different ways

Aevitum How to apply?

As mentioned above, Aevitum can cause severe poisoning.Therefore, even in small doses, it is not necessary to use without permission specialist.Topical administration is practically safe except allergic reactions.In the present situation without stimulation test is necessary.If the reaction after the meeting was not followed, you can start using the drug.

Application Aevitum face

Aevitum face can be used in different ways.We look at some examples for you to have an idea of ​​how to do it.

external use pure

Such a use of the drug will provide tangible results 10 days after the start of regular use.Wrinkles become less pronounced, acne will be gone if you do not at all, will be much less improve overall skin condition.This method involves the capsule puncture needle and application of funds on the face, including around the eyes.The procedure is done before bedtime, and means is left on the skin overnight and then committed the usual hygiene procedures.It used drugs every day until improvement.Thereafter applying sufficient as prophylaxis weekly.

addition to night cream

Dosing Aevitum as an additive to a night cream gives a good result, despite the ease of use.Just as the previous method, in this situation provided for daily use.The difference in the recipes that prophylactic use of the transition is not necessary.This method involves adding a couple of drops in Aevitum night cream.It needs to be stirred well and applied to the face before going to bed.There is another recipe.Aevitum applied half an hour after applying the cream.Any of these methods will be equally effective.Just in the first case you will not have to wait.

Mask of wrinkles

Masks have always been one of the most effective methods of skin care products.Regular use of such means gives a stunning effect, which many do not even counted.Wrinkles are smoothed (small very quickly, and have to work on large), oval face becomes clear, the skin gets its firmness and elasticity.For this recipe you need to make any anti-aging mask and add to it a few drops of Aevitum.As an example, the following recipe: egg yolk, a little olive or almond oil, a teaspoon of honey and the contents of the capsule Aevitum connected, then mixed and applied to the face.Keep this mask should be 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.The application does not provide for the application of the mask around the eyes.

Lotions acne

At various rashes, including acne, Aevitum can be used as lotions.Result occurs after only 7 days after the start of application.In this case, the contents of the capsules of the drug should be poured on the cotton wool, and then put on the places where localized spots.

Cream Aevitum

As already mentioned, Aevitum whiten skin.To achieve this, you need to prepare a special cream.This can be done as follows: one part of beeswax need to melt in a water bath and then adding thereto 4 parts of soft butter.Further components are connected with the olive oil, grated strawberries and contents of the vial Aevitum.All components are mixed and placed in a glass jar.The cream is to be stored in the refrigerator.They use it on a daily basis by applying on the skin before going to bed.

Recall that Aevitum face can be applied externally only in the absence of allergy.All the above tips will help you avoid age-related changes and skin rashes.Simple recipes do not require you to high costs, since all the components are readily available.With regard to the impact of the application, something about it, you can only guess until then, until you try one of the ways.