Acne is able to deliver a strong discomfort.If it is not possible to eliminate the conventional purification of the skin, the drug is assigned a "Differin".From black dots impossible to get rid of a few days.In the case of the treatment of such creams to achieve good results require more than one week.For skin prone to dryness, better suited as a cream preparation.And for oily skin more appropriate to use the gel.

Cream "Differin" and cleansing

Retinoids against acne

modern pharmaceutical drugs related to external retinoids, contribute to the rapid cleansing of the face of blackheads.The names of these funds on everyone's lips is "Retinoic ointment", "Retin-A" and Cream "Differin".They are designed for the treatment of mild to moderate acne.For external use slows the growth and development of skin cells and tissues of the sebaceous glands.Under the influence of retinoids intensity decreases sebum production.Against this background, follicular occlusion impossible mouths stoppers delaminated horny s

kin flakes.It is known that not every facility retinoid-suited for treatment of problem areas covered acne.

most famous of Russian medicine is "Adapalene."It is realized through pharmacies under different names.Preparations "0,1% Differin cream" and "Differin Gel" off the assembly line manufacturer «Galderma» from France.Second cream sold under the name "Adaklin" and is produced under the direction of producer "Ranbaxy" from India.Another gel analogue called "Klenzit" it delivers "Glenmark", also from India.

necessary to clarify that the substance "Adapalene" composition identical retinoic acid, that is, it acts as a synthetic substitute.Naturally, this is not a natural retinoid, and the substance with similar characteristics.It is believed that under the influence of "adapalene" not only comes back to normal production of sebum, but also reduces inflammation.

How to apply "Differin"?

Creamy and gel formulations containing the substance "Adapalene," including "Differin", is usually recommended to impose on the problem areas once daily.Not excluded applying to the entire area of ​​the face.This is done at night, about an hour.The course can last one month, sometimes delayed for three months.The practice of applying creams and gels show noticeable results after one or two weeks of use.With the passage of the first three weeks of treatment, there is often a deterioration of the treated area.You may notice new lesions of acne.But this phenomenon is almost always temporary and is not a cause for discontinuation of treatment.

is important to apply the cream or gel to clean skin, a person must be carefully wiped dry.Before applying the funds should wash, avoid contact of the skin with soap and water and alcohol-based lotions.After the treatment, the person "Differin" you can remove the excess funds napkins.We can not let this drug on the mucosal surface or in the eye.No need to grease them lip or the skin area around the perimeter of the eye.

Precautions acne

Experts do not recommend self squeeze blackheads from the skin or other influence them mechanically.Wrong approach to these transactions often causes infections, why on the face may appear foci of inflammation.From sharp objects may be pronounced scars, remove them would be extremely difficult or even impossible.

Differin: if properly applied cream or gel is cleansed skin of blackheads

Features drug "Differin»

It should be used with caution potent retinoids, especially "Differin".From black points this drug eliminates almost all cases, but it is possible the appearance of some side effects.These include over-drying the skin.To protect the skin from dryness kindly requested to begin to feed the person with special moisturizing creams or frequently make masks suitable for your skin type.

should refrain from treating a retinoid face if the skin burnt by the sun or severely weathered.Burns, cuts and other injuries of the skin are also contraindications.When cancers of the skin or eczema can not use a retinoid.When pregnancy is not allowed contact with such creams or gels.

Improper use of these creams do not exclude the appearance of burns or other unwanted effects, so it is best to use them under medical supervision or entirely rely on the instruction and exercise extreme caution.Auxiliaries, suitable to improve the skin in the course of treatment of acne, are quality moisturizers.For example, "Bepanten" and "Panthenol".Last preparation is particularly well suited to address burns from retinoids.

In the case of constant discomfort and lack of improvements for a long time, it is recommended to cancel the drug.Also, the reason for rejection of the cream "Differin" can serve as an allergic rash, it is not excluded.This cream can not be combined with other retinoids, with means with zinc, salicylic acid or sulfur.The combination of these means may further dry the skin, and her condition worsened.

Do not irritate the skin color cosmetics while the use "Differin".From black spots difficult to clean the face, if you are constantly clogged pores foundation of unknown origin.