Fortunately, peeling badyagoy available at home.This simple procedure characterizes a lot of advantages and features.To clean the skin properly, it is recommended to follow the helpful tips from the article.Terms

home peeling badyagoy


following skin defects are a cause for peeling.

  • Increased oiliness of the skin on the face because of the overexploitation of sebum.
  • Swelling or blue tissue under the eyes and swelling in any part of the face.
  • appearance of the first symptoms of skin aging which are the loss of tone and elasticity.
  • Unhealthy too dull skin on the face.
  • If someone presence of freckles and age spots is a defect, these phenomena can be completely or partially eliminated by badyagi.
  • Leather, struck comedones or acne, after such procedures is cleared and becomes healthier.


In many cases prohibited to use fresh-water sponge, these are the following health problems.

  • presence of fresh injuries on the skin surface or indentations left by acne and not
    had time to drag.
  • Pronounced inflammatory lesions on the face, there is an exacerbation of acne.
  • progression of infection on the skin.
  • rosacea disease or condition where the capillaries are in an abnormal position and too close to the surface.
  • disease hypertrichosis.
  • Needless to sensitive skin.
  • predisposition to allergies to any products containing badyagi.

Peeling badyagoy: helps eliminate excessive oiliness of the skin and remove the swelling, improves the complexion and frees the pores from dirt

Recipes peeling badyagoy

Intensive peeling

To prepare the mixture take a powder "Badyaga" and addto him the same amount of gel "Badyaga."Further, mixed media put on the face and withstand maximum of a quarter of an hour.When the waiting time is over, you should use the cotton discs massage the skin, gradually removing the mixture and bring to a small skin redness.Badyagoy finished peeling, you should wash your face with cool water, moisturize and nourish the face cream.

Gel peeling

Peeling Gel "Badyaga" will work best if the advance to take care of cleaning and degreasing the skin.Last produced alcohol.On the surface of the gel is spread person "Badyaga" This is neat gestures and continues until a light redness.Normally, perhaps not strong tolerant burning.After waiting about a quarter of an hour means it dries up and can be removed by washing with cold water.In the final, to use any means of feeding and hydrating facial.

Cream peeling

any quality cream, appropriate type of skin, taken in the amount of small spoons and mixed with the same amount of powder "Badyaga."The mixture is applied to the entire face, except for the lips and around the eyes.It is necessary to produce a massaging little tingling or burning sensation of the weak.It uses cotton pads.After twenty minutes of waiting, remove cream means a cotton pad and rinse the face with cool water.The completion of the session will be moisturizing cream.It is possible that after this procedure will the redness on the face, it is considered normal.It is also possible in a couple of days, the appearance of pronounced dryness of the face, it will help to eliminate peeling moisturizing and nourishing agents.

Badyaga and hydrogen peroxide

To make money is taken about four grams of powder, sold under the name "Badyaga."To the blend is added to a three-percent hydrogen peroxide in the same amount.Ready paste quickly and evenly distributed across the face with the exception of the lips.You also need to leave untreated eye area.After about ten minutes you will notice the drying masks, at this time you need to take a cotton ball and start to rub into the skin means gradually removing it.It is believed that after this procedure, the home must be redness on the skin, but that's not all - in a day, the expression peeling.It is necessary to keep the skin, causing a suitable cream.For those whose skin is prone to acne and is very oily, it is recommended to wipe salicylic alcohol.

reviews about this procedure say that after this peeling skin peeling occurs.This is similar to the reaction after the burn.This period has to be experienced calmly, without going outside in the scorching sun, without going to the bath or sauna, without impacting on the face with hot water during washing, refusing to cosmetics or lotions.It is not recommended to combine this procedure with any other peelings and choose for her the cold season.

Keep in mind that peeling badyagoy the last recipe is allowed to use a maximum of once a month.Other embodiments of the peeling, in the absence of adverse changes in the skin are conducted once per week.