Fashion trends are constantly changing.It concerns not only clothes, but also hair.Now the actual haircut with a complicated name - graduated bob with elongation.It should be noted that it is not easy to create.To do this, the master must perform a number of different methods, including grading (stepped transition length), bevel cut and tapering.It is very important to observe all the rules that haircut emphasizes the dignity of appearance, hiding its flaws.Depending on the type of person who graded the square has its own characteristics.An experienced master knows the techniques suitable for each case.This hairstyle does not require special care, and any skills during installation, which is useful in the modern world, when women lead an active lifestyle.To look great, but it is important to choose an experienced barber who knows and loves his job.

To suit graduated bob?

graded square with extension can be called a universal hairstyle.The fact is that this species does not have clear rules and restric

tions.A difference from other types of quads is that it should include a combination of grading and the presence of elongated strands.These features can be traced clearly from the title.In all other complete freedom, allows you to create an image for every taste, ideal for any type of person.

round face

To make round face more regular oval shape, is best done with a sharp bob graded extension front locks.As for the bangs, then it may be oblique and asymmetric, but you can do well even without her.In any case, such shearing outline help visually draw a circular shape into an oval.Thus parting can be either a side or in the middle.Its position can be changed periodically, depending on the mood.It is best if the length of the strands of the front will be below the chin down to his shoulders.This will help not only to adjust the shape of the face, but also to emphasize the features of the neck.

oval face

In the case of an elongated oval face is the best one for short hair at the nape with calibration and around the face.It is better to make the elongation of the ears.The bangs should be straight and smooth, but may be tapering ends and creating jagged edges.In this case, the main objective is to equalize proportions.

square face

With this face shape should be carried cut in such a way to divert attention from the sharp edges and sharp contours.For this fit oblique asymmetrical bangs and wavy tresses.Hair can be both long and short.Well here it looks the most shortened neck - so-called quads on the leg.Forward strand thus may have different lengths.

Triangular face Triangular face shape resembles a heart.Here we have a wide forehead and narrow pointed chin.In this case, it would be appropriate not thick straight bangs with ragged edges.This form perfect and unusual avant-garde hairstyles, but they fit very few girls in style.As a graduated bob with the extension, there are best avoided symmetry.This method allows to hide the features of the triangular shape of the face, softened contours.

If the proportional nature has awarded you a round face, then you have complete freedom to choose a hairstyle.Graduated squares with lengthening an excellent choice, you will be able to experiment, periodically changing some details, and thus refreshing your image.

Rack with extension: asymmetrical haircut without a bang

Rack with extension : parting side

Rack with extension : on the wavy hair and bangs,laid on its side

Rack with extension : straight bangs below the eyebrow

Rack with extension : without bangs and parted in the middle

Rack with extension : volume styling hair in the middle and an emphasis on the strand of a person

Rack with extension : parting side

Rack with extension : thick long straight bangs

Stacking graduated bob with lengthening

Air volume

Features of this hairstyle consist in the fact that it is very easy to install.Rough edges of the hair is graded and will create a tapering effect of splendor, giving additional volume even to thin hair.You can enhance this effect with a hair dryer.To do this, you need only apply to wet hair a little mousse or mousse, tilt your head and dry strands of warm air stream.As a result, you get an incredible amount.All you will - is to give the final shape using the middle and fix the result varnish.

Clean lines

If you need strict hairstyle with clean lines, you should use utjuzhkom a circular comb with a hairdryer.Pre-Apply mousse to damp locks and start to form.Pull the hair slightly twisting the ends.

Freedom of choice hairstyles

graded square with extension allows you to quickly and easily change the image, depending on the mood and situation.You can experiment with your hair, putting them in different ways.Try to smooth parted in the middle, or asymmetry, lay flat bangs or side.With this haircut, you have the complete freedom of choice.

Rack with extension : graded haircut without a bang

Rack with extension : strand of hair behind her ear and long bangs to the side

Rack with extension : on wavy hair without bangs

Rack with extension : volume styling tips in and bangs to the side

Rack with extension : light curls

Rack with extension : hair raised at the back of the head, laid on its side bangs

choosing a graded elongated square, it is best to turn to experienced professionals.Assessing the features of appearance, he will be able to advise a specific embodiment and methods of installation.This haircut is suitable for everyone, but here it is important to properly and efficiently execute it.Only in this case, you can accentuate your best features.