Oatmeal healthy.Everybody knows from childhood.But, thanks to its rich chemical composition, oatmeal is often used also for cosmetic purposes.It can be used as a scrub for daily washing or as a mask for oily skin.That last option is ideal for anyone with acne problem particularly acute.Acne Mask of oatmeal with regular use helps to eliminate mild inflammation without damaging the skin.This means not only cleans and removes acne, but it also feeds the skin, dry and sensitive types is particularly important.Oatmeal is an affordable product that can be purchased at the nearest grocery store.There are many simple recipes based on it, including every girl will find something suitable for yourself.

Oatmeal Acne

benefits of oatmeal for the skin

Rolled oats or rolled oats, as they are called, have a number of useful features.Not for nothing because it is recommended to maintain good health to eat a porridge of them as often as possible.The fact that oatmeal contains the necessary chemicals such as iodine,

manganese, chromium and iron, as well as vitamins E and C. In this way, it is able to saturate the skin cells necessary nutrients.In addition, oats are rich in polysaccharides, phytic acid and starchy substances.All this complex has a rejuvenating and moisturizing effect which is noticeable from the first time since active components easily penetrate into the pores.Along the way, it is happening and cleansing, is antiseptic.To enhance the anti-inflammatory effect, it is necessary to use additional ingredients.

To fit the mask of oatmeal?

acne mask of oatmeal is best suited to those with sensitive, dry and combination skin.But in general it can be called universal.Oatmeal acts fairly gently and delicately, that eliminates rashes without strong corrosive substances.

What porridge is best to use?

Now on the shelves you can find oatmeal different grind.To prepare masks currently not particularly important, as they are best further grind blender or grinder.This technique promotes the best penetration of nutrients into the skin.If this is not possible, try to use smaller flakes because they would be easier to add to the compositions of the masks, and then applied to the face.But in general, it will be useful oatmeal without any additives and flavorings.

Mask of oatmeal: with regular use cleanses the skin from acne and improves the appearance of facial

Simple Recipes home masks

The simplest mask

prepared the mask is simple.It should take about 2 tablespoonsoatmeal, pour boiling water and leave for 5 minutes.The amount of water should be 1.5 times greater than the number of flakes to obtain a convenient consistency.After insisting a little cool pulp and apply it on clean face for 15 minutes.At the end of the procedure would be extremely useful to the skin rinse with acidified water.To prepare it, you need to add in a glass floor teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.This way you can gently lighten the skin tone, at the same time eliminating black spots, as well as the narrow pores.

mask for oily skin

rinse with acidified water, as described above, can be replaced by this mask.But note that it is most suitable for oily skin types.In all other cases, it can lead to excessive dryness.

Prepared this mask is quite simple.It is necessary to mix a tablespoon of sour cream and oatmeal, adding to them a teaspoon of lemon juice.The resulting mixture is a thick layer is applied to the skin immediately after washing, and after 15 minutes, removed with a cotton disc.If you use this procedure before going to sleep, then this it ends.In the same case, when you plan to use makeup, additionally rinse your face with warm water, then apply a base cream.

mask for dry skin

Prepare a mask can be similar to the first - the most simple.It is necessary to pour oatmeal with boiling water, and after 5 minutes add to the weight a little olive oil.Then required mask is traditionally applied to clean skin and leave a little longer than usual - 20 minutes.During this time means time to provide both a cleansing and a moisturizing effect.If you want to get even further and nutritional quality, then add the egg yolk mask.

effective citrus mask

To prepare this mask should be used carefully crushed cereal in a blender.They need to be mixed with honey and fresh squeezed orange juice.All ingredients are in approximately equal proportions.This mask must be applied massaging, stroking his face from the center to the periphery.After a 3-minute massage evenly distribute the weight of the skin and leave on 10 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Attention!Honey and orange are strong allergens.Therefore, if you are not sure of the absence at allergies to these foods, you must first conduct a test.To do this, apply the mask on the inside fold of the elbow and leave for 10 minutes.If any unpleasant symptoms and sensations not follow, then you can begin to use it.

What acne mask of oatmeal is best suited in each case, hard to say.This is due to the uniqueness of each of us.It is necessary to try out different recipes, and then very soon you will select for themselves the most effective.All masks are based on available products, which are often there in the kitchen, so the experiment will be easy.In order to achieve significant and lasting results, apply means 2 - 3 times a week for a month.