To bob haircut looked neat and feminine, need healthy shiny hair.Today, they can be quickly put in order because of various cosmetics or home procedures.For the perfect type of hairstyles this cut must be subjected to a professional adjustment by trimming every month or month and a half.For volume and require special fixing tools, many of which are expensive.To hairstyle looked harmoniously, you need to learn how to pack the bean and use the most appropriate options for everyday pastime or holidays.

Best Ways styling haircut "BobĀ»

Direct styling meet outside

while hair is wet, soak them mousse.Directing the air flow dryer on your hair, twist the tip of each strand out.For this purpose round brush suitable diameter.Part of the hair, is located above the forehead, can be combed back and pinned a hairpin, and can remain in its natural position.

tips outwards utjuzhkom

Stacking average bean can straighten all hair through the ironing, while pointing out the best tips.In order to focus on small protr

uding strands should use high-quality wax.

high stacking

To put the bean in a stylish hairstyle, hair curlers are needed.Hair treated with soft foam, it is necessary to curl curlers.After curling dry hair combed back and placed in a high composition.Several pryadok framing the face, left front.

sleek straight bob

To achieve the effect will need to smooth hair gel with smoothing effect.Hair dried with a hair dryer, is a suitable parting.Further, the entire mass of hair is straightened using the ironing, while the very tips slightly directed inward.


By bob hairstyle or bob perfect different headbands, tiaras, headbands or ribbons.This is particularly true when there is no time for a complex installation.After drying, a hairdryer put on tape, rim or other selected accessory.Under it removed bangs.But it can be laid and an oblique manner.Also, as a functional decoration, you can choose a beautiful hairpins.They are positioned at one side, above or on both sides of the head.

Laying haircut bob: Victoria Beckham

Laying haircut bob : Victoria Beckham

Laying haircut bob : Gwyneth Paltrow

Laying haircut bob : singer Rihanna

Laying Bob : Julianne Hough

Laying Bob : Katie Holmes

StackingBob : Reese Witherspoon

Laying Bob : singer Rihanna

interesting options placement

disheveled hair

now look at how to style bean for those who prefer to wear on his head aesthetic mess.It is necessary to give the hair disheveled, a little sloppy, but very attractive.To do this, dry the hair with hot hair dryer, trying to constantly vary the air flow direction.The dried hair is completely fit with the use of the gel, and the need to give the laid-back hair disheveled appearance.But can a little bit different approach to the implementation of this everyday hairstyles.Take the gel or mousse, treat your hair, then we dry them with hot air nozzle called a diffuser.

volume hairstyle

To give the necessary volume, require a special mousse.Separating one small strands, each cheat on curlers.In order to properly and safely secure a perm, you need to select the hair dryer to warm the air and use to them.After removing papilotok, distribute hair gently with your fingers and get the bulk bean.

Laying retro

Having bob haircut, it can be easily turned into a retro composition.It is necessary to make a specific wavelength using forceps.To hairstyle look good no need to comb the received wave, they just fix the varnish.

effect of wind

To add a touch of lightness and airiness, you can put a square bean as if the hair on the wind just blew and they were frozen in that position.First, you need to put your hair using hair dryer and flat brush.Then, after cooling the hair, the very tips should be curled, guiding them from the face.It is ideal for this large round brush.To give even more glamor hairstyle can combine this technique with a zigzag parting.

romantic image

recognizable hairstyle which everyone saw on Marilyn Monroe, could be embodied in the bob haircut.Make hard fleece, using hair dryers and nail polish.Next, make a perm, focusing on the fact that the curls were highest.

simple classic styling

This option is indispensable for placing the bean bustling women living in the big city.Hair dried and combed smoothly.In some cases, appropriate bouffant to bang, and then laying the hair back.In others - it is more appropriate division of hair on the side parting and smooth their grooming.In all cases, the side strands are behind the ears.

How to choose this hairstyle based on your hair type, read the article Haircut bob.

Laying haircut bob : Julianne Hough

Laying haircut bob : Karlie Kloss

Laying haircut bob : Scarlett Johansson

Laying haircut bob : Katie Holmes

Laying Bob : Scarlett Johansson

Laying Bob : Karlie Kloss

StackingBob : Katie Holmes

installation methods are selected depending on hair length, type of appearance and life circumstances owner of this beautiful haircuts.How to pack a bean in a particular case - can tell the barber.Not necessarily have to stick to the traditional framework, you can use unusual methods of stacking or invent your own ways of presenting this haircut.A good example of proper installation bob haircut can become the most attractive photos of the stars.