By "glycol peeling" is meant a chemical process in which acid attacks the skin.This efficient procedure today is a popular view of the simplicity and accessibility.It does not need any special equipment and tools.In the case of such a professional exfoliation woman receives consistently high quality results in the form of fresh and rejuvenated skin.With knowledge of all the intricacies of the procedure can be carried out glycolic peels at home, and the effect will not be worse than that of similar manipulation in the cabin.

Glycolic peel and its features

Description peeling

This procedure causes the absorption of excess fluid and ensures rapid separation of dead skin cells.The epidermis is cleaned of keratinized particles.As a result, the skin is updated, the negative age-related changes in the face fully or partially prevented.

With proper cleaning procedures of the skin does not lose its elasticity.In the skin is maintained the right amount of moisture, it does not stretch too hard and protects

against early wrinkles.Achieved effective action against aging of skin.

view of the penetration of the active substance to a considerable depth is its passage through the tough dead skin cells.Upon contact of the active agent with the lower layers of the skin enhances the natural cellular metabolism.

Under the influence of the cleaning procedures significantly improves the skin condition.Moreover, peeling positive impact on the young, and mature skin.

Glycolic acid against skin blemishes

home use glycolic acid helps to eliminate many skin problems.These include:

  • pronounced pigmentation of the skin - freckles or larger spots;Non-inflamed acne
  • such as comedones open and closed;
  • loss of skin tone and elasticity;
  • minor wrinkles;
  • bumps on the skin.


With proper conduct peeling with glycolic acid is an intensive effect on the skin.It lies in the immediate peel dead cells and the active formation of new cells.Already after the first session you will notice improvement in the skin, its structure becomes smoother and younger.An excellent indicator of the health of the skin is a complexion that is significantly improved after this treatment.

Glycolic Peeling: prior to this useful for skin treatments at home should properly prepare the skin and to ensure safety use of cosmetic products

Terms home glycolic peel

Skin preparation

In the case of a chemical peel for the first time - the skinrequired training.If the skin has never produced effects cosmetic products based on fruit acids, it is necessary to be careful.

advance before the procedure, namely, for a fortnight or a month, begin to apply the tonic and a special cream for the night.These tools are useful for the skin a composition which comprises a set of five per cent acids: almond, lemon, glycolic, retinoic, milk.This makeup is applied once a day.

should not be neglected preparatory manipulations, since the skin is required to adapt to the acidic environment with such concentration.Also, prior use of cosmetics with acids help to ensure that the outer layer of the skin become thinner.It will be more actively enter the desired material.

preparations for the preparation of skin

With proper preparation of the skin glycolic peels at home gives excellent results, comparable with the effect of a visit to a beautician.Optimally suited the following drugs.

  • Serum anti-aging effect and the presence in the fruit acids sold under the name «KOSMOTEROS».
  • Tonic based on fruit acids «Oily home» from the manufacturer "Arcadia."
  • «EKSFOLIAK-FAM" is positioned as a means of reducing the impact of a night cream manufacturer «MERCK».
  • Smoothing Cream for the night of the «Filorga» called «Sleep and Peel».
  • In addition to these funds cosmetic industry offers a lot more of such products manufactured on the basis of fruit acids.

Cosmetic preparations for home use perfect weakly concentrated blend, it sold already finished.For example, a suitable one of the two drugs or the like.

  • peeling gel, containing ten percent glycolic acid, a manufacturer of "pleya."
  • Remedy "Alpika" five percent Multiacid, designed for peeling.

Well, if we can find a means for professionals, has a concentration of from fifteen to seventy percent.But such a drug will have to be connected to the water to achieve a ten percent concentration.Thus it is necessary to pour the acid into the water, and not to do the opposite.

also need to purchase a converter or ready to make such a solution is the house from a glass of water and a teaspoon of baking soda.

Stages glycolic peel

This procedure is usually straightforward.What specifically needs to be done are listed below.

  • is cleaned and wiped dry face.
  • Take a large brush and oil the glycolic acid turns the following areas: the chin, nose, forehead area, on both cheeks.
  • Naturally, you need to avoid contact with eyes.
  • is important to make sure the motion without pressure, impacting severely on one single area of ​​the skin.
  • Five or Ten percent glycolic acid may be left on the face for a short period of time.At least two minutes, fifteen minutes maximum.
  • Selection peeling time is calculated individually and depends on the concentration of resources and the degree of sensitivity of the skin.
  • If peeling is done for the first time, it is better not to leave glycolic acid for a long time.
  • When redness and intense burning need to make an immediate neutralization of the acid mask.To do this, the person is treated swab dipped in liquid-converter.At the same time you will hear the characteristic hiss.
  • In conclusion, it is necessary to wash using cold water and use a nourishing cream or mask useful.

Note that glycolic peels at home is not always completely safe.In the absence of confidence in the result of the procedure is best to seek professional help.You also need to know that there are a number of contraindications, including pregnancy, various skin diseases and intense sun exposure.