worth mentioning a little-known but very interesting to study the fruit of momordica, properties and application of which does not hurt to know.

Properties momordika

What momordica?

This plant is often attributed to other names, such as the balsam pear, Indian garnet, Chinese pumpkin.Often, a plant called yellow or mad cucumber, and it really is related to cucumbers, squash, pumpkins.The fruit is something in appearance like a warty cucumber, and in some cases oblong pumpkin.Nedospevshie green fruit and is ready to acquire a pronounced orange burst.Inside the cavities are seen in red seeds.


In no case should not apply Momordica women pregnant or lactating.According to the recommendations of the Chinese People's doctors, should not be introduced into the organism is a plant with diseased adrenal gland is not working properly, or stomach.Momordica harmful for constipation and incomplete work of the thyroid gland.

momordica How useful?

The fruit is rich in nutrients.Its flesh is moist

and crunchy.Taste is close to cucumbers, some reminiscent of pepper.The pulp contains vitamin C, iron compound.The leaves are useful, contains a high percentage of protein, there are phosphorus, are carbohydrates.The fruit is full harantin substance capable of reducing the proportion of sugar and increase the number of beta cells.Thus adjusted pancreatic function, returns to normal insulin secretion.It is believed that momordica endowed with antispasmodic potential anti-inflammatory effect, as well as soothing.Also talking about her antiemetic and astringent.Useful plants recognized even the official medical field, its components include medication.The action of these drugs is aimed at stabilizing the body of the pancreas operation.

Application momordika

Traditional medicine

preparations based on plants Momordica assigned doctors to treat dispankreatizma.Also successfully treatable disease pancreatitis in the forms of acute and chronic.It is usually recommended to take the medicine as a solution of three to five weeks.For adult patients, the mean dose of 2.2 ml, that is how much is contained in a vial of pharmaceutical formulation.The drug is administered once or three times per week.Children who have reached six years, can also be subjected to such treatment.Children under six years may also take such drugs, but dose lower half of all vials.If the child is not yet two years old, enter the contents of the vial of 0.25.The treatment process should be supervised by a physician.

Momordica: properties of this plant are used in traditional medicine, even

world medicine

Traditional Chinese doctors practicing bitter melon treatment aimed at relieving the condition in diseases of the stomach and intestines.

doctors from South America also needed momordica, the properties of this plant were used to eliminate inflammation, get rid of diarrhea, treatment of parasites, treatment for measles.Also, with the help of the plants were treated with malaria, helping in hepatitis, scabies cured.

known that in India, too, found the use of the concerned plant, helps to heal snake bites, liver function abnormalities.The plant itself was asthma medication, help with leukemia, heals burns, eliminate insect bites, apply disease lupus, arthritis.If properly treated and to use its root, it was possible to get the effect of an aphrodisiac.

Research momordika

Scientific data reflect the true usefulness of the substances contained in the plant.They are positive because of the reduction of total cholesterol.People are able to organize the production of insulin diabetes.It relieves people with cancer.Preparations based momordika developed by modern pharmaceutical industry are recommended to eliminate the psoriasis treatments of ailments for colds.According to the experience of scientists, it can be argued that the extract extracted from the leaves of the plant, as well as its fruit, causes the death of staphylococci, streptococci, struggling with HIV.

Momordica in folk medicine

Tincture of fruit

crushed fruits arranged in a container made of glass, add half a liter of high-quality vodka.Provided closed lid stand for two weeks.It is desirable that the packaging was in a dark, cool space.It is recommended to use this on an empty stomach a fruit liqueur, maintaining then a half-hour break, and then you can eat.Acceptable dosage - one teaspoon.Number of rounds - three on the day.Duration of therapy - three days.The use of tincture is positioned as a preventative treatment or additional measure against colds, fever.There is a tonic effect, helps with psoriasis, rheumatism.

Broth from seeds

boiling water in a 250 ml supplement the capacity of the seed momordika, they take about 20 grams.It takes twenty-minute cooking, maintaining hour, then straining.Figures of traditional medicine are advised to use a decoction three times a day for 50 ml.Scope: fever, hemorrhoids.Suitable as a diuretic drug.

not use in folk medicine, the leaves of this plant is due to their high toxicity.But overall a really good product momordica, its properties are known to science, but also the use of any drug, including home-made, should occur only if approved by their physician.