Nowadays, people are trying to find effective and natural means, are increasingly turning to oil.This is manifested in medicine and cosmetology.Today we look at how you can use sea buckthorn oil in gynecology.

composition and useful properties of sea buckthorn oil

This product has long been known as an effective tool in the fight against many diseases.It has healing, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and analgesic properties, which causes vitamin-rich composition.It contains vitamins: A, B, C, E, K and F, acid: palmitic and stearic, minerals such as magnesium, iron, silicon, and biologically active substances.

It helps to heal wounds and cuts.It helps them to scar in the short term, while with astringent effect it disinfects them, excluding the development of suppuration or inflammation.

It is used to treat many diseases.It helps reduce cholesterol, boosts the immune system, promotes healing of ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the symptoms of colds and helps with diseases of the throat, imp

roves blood, strengthens blood vessels, and more.Also, sea buckthorn oil is widely used in cosmetology to improve the condition of hair.In this case, it is added in a variety of masks.

addition, sea buckthorn oil used in gynecology.

The use of sea buckthorn oil in gynecology

first use of this product in the gynecological purposes dates back to the year 1946.The reason for this shortage of medicines in the post-war period.However, its effectiveness was so high that it became further and used for the treatment of gynecological diseases.Even in today's society, when medicine has leaped forward, many have resorted to the help of sea buckthorn oil.

It helps to cope with diseases such as cervical erosion, uterine, trihomonadnyh obesity, inflammation of the appendages, thrush and cervicitis.Some of them we will focus in more detail.

Treatment of inflammation of the

Note that the treatment of any disease should take place under medical supervision.The only way you get rid of the disease and do not harm your health.Otherwise, the consequences can be disastrous, and you'll need at least - long medication, as a maximum - surgery.Therefore, before using sea buckthorn oil do not forget to pay a visit to the gynecologist.

If your doctor has approved the use of sea buckthorn oil to treat inflammation of the appendages, then it can be done as follows: Take a swab (it is desirable that he was no soaking) and soak it generously with oil.Then enter it into the vagina and leave for a couple of hours.The procedure was carried out 3 times a day.

Sea buckthorn oil in gynecology: used along with expensive drugs

Treatment erosion

Traditional treatments for cervical cancer (freezing or burning) - the procedure is not very pleasant, so women are trying to resort to alternative methods of treatment, in particular -used sea buckthorn oil.They do this in the following way.

procedure begins with cleansing the cervix.On its surface it is necessary to remove the selection.You can do this in several ways.The first - take a swab soaked in warm water and clean them neck.Second - as soaking a tampon use herbal infusion.Among the plants, in this case suitable upland uterus, or the roots of Bergenia.They disinfected and purified, and their use is much more effective than water.In this case, they accelerate the recovery, so the improvement will happen on the fourth day after the beginning of treatment.However, a full recovery will come a few weeks later.So, soak a tampon infusion of herbs and treat them the uterus.Then use sea buckthorn oil.They also soak a tampon into the vagina and enter.In this case, it is necessary to leave for 20 hours.The course of treatment lasts for 14 days under the condition of daily use.

Not so long ago there was such a drug, like candles with sea buckthorn oil.They can be used instead of the tampon.It is not hygienic and less efficient.Read more about their properties will tell the doctor, which you should consult before applying them.


thrush thrush - is the most common female disease that brings a lot of inconvenience.Now there are a lot of drugs, after taking them, according to the manufacturer, the disease will leave forever.There are some downsides to this case.Firstly, contraindications, and secondly, the high cost, third, despite advertising assurances possible recurrence.That is why many resort to treatment with sea buckthorn oil.In this case, the product must ingest.Treatment involves daily administration and compliance with certain diets.Experts recommend at this time to eat as many carrots, broccoli, green.From harmful products should be avoided at least for a period of treatment.Alcohol, smoking, salting, fried - this is what should taboo.You also need to forget about smoking.Failure to comply with these conditions will inevitably lead to treatment failure.

Sea buckthorn oil during pregnancy

Sometimes thrush or other troubles of this kind occur during pregnancy.In this case, there is an adequate question, what drugs to use to treat?This is not surprising, since most drugs main contraindication - pregnancy and lactation.Here comes in sea buckthorn oil.It does not harm either mother or baby.

Sea buckthorn oil in gynecology is an effective, natural and inexpensive tool.However, before applying it is necessary to consult a doctor.If the specialist will give you approval for this treatment, you can spend it with the above recommendations.