theme of this article - a fashionable chocolate color hair.Photos of stars that have such hair, confirm special romance and mystery of color.Such an approach to hair coloring gives the desired effect of the image of rigor, without a hint of frivolity.

Features chocolate hair

In an expensive salon without problems can make absolutely any color hair.But many women produce chocolate coloring at home.They can be difficult to get exactly the shade of chocolate, which is preferred.Therefore, the result is often spoils the mood and entails a complete rejection of chocolate range.

We must realize that the result of staining depends on the original color and condition hair.It has a significant impact fact the previous coloring and characteristics of paint used.

In many cases, after staining in normal chocolate color in the hair seemingly absent changes.With careful consideration you may notice faint chocolate ebb.Typically, such a fact is not satisfied with the mistress of hair, and she decided to fix it im

mediately repainting more saturated color.It is important to follow the recommended intervals between painting and not to risk the hair.

When in the history of hair are already repainting the facts in shades of red scales too is likely to get no chocolate, and unexpected color.Exhausted hair dye may be emerald green or burgundy.Length exclude undesirable results of staining, it is recommended first to test the selected paint chocolate on a small scale provide designated hair, located in an inconspicuous place.After a test curl acquire Woman arranging color, it can quite happily expose staining the whole mass of hair.

perfect match to the desired color is obtained girl, causing paint to natural hair.

can safely say that most of all in this sense lucky blonde.They do not arise the problem situations staining one of the variations of the chocolate.Any color is related to chocolate spectrum perfectly fixed on light hair, whereby the same as in the image on the packaging paint.

Chocolate range includes a lot of precious hues, all of them are actively used by the modern girl.For example, a delicate milk chocolate has a clear contrast to the black and brown, which is called dark chocolate.

According to the recommendations of professional stylists, hair harmonious type of chocolate can be achieved only in the case of selection of individual shade characteristics of appearance - the so-called tsvetotipu.Other tsvetotip usually designated according to the seasons.

chocolate hair color: Jennifer Lopez

chocolate hair color : Kate Beckinsale

chocolate hair color : Cameron Diaz

Chocolatehair color : Kristen Stewart

chocolate hair color : Kim Kardashian

chocolate hair color : comes to light brown eyes

Chocolate rangefor different tsvetotip

tsvetotipa determine its appearance will help select the optimal chocolate hair color.Photos of different color variations of this will help to correctly make a choice.


The girls, the appearance of which can be attributed to winter type, mainly very light or expression tan skin.Their hair is naturally dark, and his eyes were bright.A spokeswoman of the winter type is undoubtedly suited rich, dark chocolate curls, with conspicuous black or steel color.For best appearance we recommend filing a highlight makeup lips or eyes.Holiday make-up, combining notes of seriousness and attractiveness, perfectly complement the red lipstick.


By spring tsvetotip suitable appearance of girls, endowed by nature with golden hair and ashen hue.The skin is characterized by spring girls pinkish tinge, or has a delicate peach tide.Eyes bright.If such a person wishes to get hold of chocolate hair, you have very carefully select the right shade.In principle, this can be called a win-win cool neutral tone, which should not be close to the light or dark tones.The best is to choose the color that combines and white and milk chocolate.In cases where such appearance nature has blond eyebrows and eyelashes are the same dull, you should give them a color artificially, using close to your hair color.If a girl healthy hair and professional make-up, it will look great.


Look brighter year old girls, compared with the previous spring type.Owners of summer appearance can be quickly recognized by Light Brown hair and skin with a pleasant shade of olive.Eyes are green, but can be gray.In this case, you can fearlessly give preference to the bright color of chocolate, which can be both warm and cold.Both versions are suitable.To balance it is recommended to slow contrasts and avoided causing notok feature.This is easily achieved by applying a low-key natural day makeup.


Girls, whose appearance stylists called autumn have translucent skin with charming freckles.Their hair has a natural red color.Turquoise and brown eyes.In this case, you should avoid an emphasis on pale skin and an abundance of natural foci of pigmentation.Therefore, having the appearance of autumn, the selection of hair dyes, it is better not to give preference to dark colors.The recommended choice is milk chocolate warm hue.Also, there will be an acceptable presence of reddish or reddish tide.This girl does not need make-up with bright spots.To create a natural and attractive suits cosmetics or pleasant caramel tones of coral, and the appropriate shades of beige tones.Preferably do it the dominant eye makeup.

chocolate hair color : Lindsay Lohan

chocolate hair color : and hazel eyes

chocolate hair color : MarionKotilyar

chocolate hair color : Megan Fox

chocolate hair color : Rihanna

chocolate hair color : Hilary Duff

chocolate hair color : Victoria Beckham

Making staining preparation of any manufacturer should not forget about maintaining healthy hair, you need to take care of them through the periodic application of balms and masks.Staining will benefit only in the case of a healthy and well-groomed hair condition.Different shades of chocolate can have beautiful hair color, photos in this article to fully reflect this fact.