This year, fashionistas have a unique opportunity to try a completely new hair color.However, with some limitations, they must be based on natural tones.Ombre Double staining and are gradually losing out, though not entirely disappeared from the fashion stage.Brown hair color hair and cool shades - a classic option that you can try in 2014.But if you want something more, it is possible that our selection will help you to decide on their choice.

What color hair fashion this year?

platinum blonde

Kyle White, a leading specialist of beauty in Hollywood, says hair color "Platinum Blonde" will be the hottest new product in 2014.After the ceremonies held at the beginning of the year, a huge crowd of women want to dye your hair is in this color.Of course, no midtone and kolorirovannyh individual strands.Everything has to look very natural.

Fashionable hair color: platinum blonde

Wild Orchid

That's what we just did not expect from the new season, but certainly not that.In a fashion includes not onl

y natural colors, inherent in human hair, and all the "colors of nature."Very interesting color "wild orchid" reminiscent of a mixture of purple and pink.The flower itself is certainly very beautiful, but what do you say about this hair color?

Fashionable hair color : wild orchid

way, Katy Perry has dyed her hair a wild orchid.

Fashionable hair color : Katy Perry

Golden Rose

Fashionable hair color "Golden Rose" appeared in late 2013 and, it seems, is not going to give up their positions.Recently converts style icon Sienna Miller is clearly demonstrated.This shade will look particularly striking in spring and summer.Take note.

Fashionable hair color : gold rose

ashen hair

Ashen hair color familiar to all.But this year we are offered something new.Stylists have developed a completely new approach to this color, which many women find the "old lady".And whether any old fashion agree to experiment with your hair?In 2014, combine several colors to create a fashionable image, for example, gray and gray, gray and pink, gray and blue, etc.

Fashionable hair color : ashy shades

Auburn hair color

Dark red hair color - another novelty of the coming season.Fashionable hair color 2014 should be based on natural shades, so you should forget about the bright flashy hair, and give preference to color, reminiscent of "Autumn Leaves."Dark red hair resembles a mixture of brown and red tones.For a unique image can be added and slightly perceptible violet hue.

Fashionable hair color : auburn shades

Golden hair color

golden shades can be traced both in the light and moderately dark hair.A lover of the color of hair - Jennifer Lopez.Star knows how to look modern and impressive, but at the same time feminine and elegant.Learning from J. Lo.

Fashionable hair color : gold

jet black hair color

For girls who prefer darker shades, stylists offer to try jet-black hair.No compromises, only rich deep tones.If you think this color is too dull, try to make their way in the blue tide.This option looks very good in winter.

Fashionable hair color : jet black color