The spectrum of measures for the care of appearance occupy an important niche useful hair mask.At home against a section of tips and other common problems can effectively fight.To learn more about hair restoration, read on.

set of measures against cross-section of hair

reasons obsecheniya tips

hair with strongly obsechennymi tips look very unattractive and untidy.In such a sloppy appearance hair often comes through our own fault.Wrong hair care generally is the lack of or insufficient supporting procedures, abuse of chemical dyes, laying with high temperatures, careless combing, malnutrition and inability to avoid stressful situations.

trimming hair

If the problem obsecheniya tips have already discovered, you need to trim the hair.Suffice it to cut a centimeter and a half.It is recommended to perform a slight trimming once each month, it is required to supply the best hair removal weak and constantly confused parts of each hair and hairstyles and bring a presentable appearance.

Food and water

problem of split ends is not only an aesthetic color.It should be taken very seriously to the poor condition of the hair and start identifying the causes.Perhaps it is some kind of disease or an acute shortage of the important work of the whole body of vitamins.It is necessary to take care about useful diet, which should consist of a diverse list of products, ensuring adequate intake of vitamins and valuable substances.In addition to proper nutrition, we need plenty of fluids every day, drink more than one and a half liters of clean water.If tissues are moistened in time, we do not threaten problems with skin and hair.

harmlessness laying

When selecting styling is better to give preference for the option without alcohol.If there is alcohol in the composition, then there is a risk of excessive drying of hair.Exhausted poor quality hair styling reminiscent of dry straw, they are too hard to break - their tips are cut.

Respect for hair

Periodically, our hair needs a break from the aggressive colors, irons, hair dryers, ploek, shaggy, tight hairstyles and other harmful factors.They for some time should be left alone for a natural restoration of the structure.It is better to give preference to a partial or gentle type of staining.To prevent obsecheniya tips, hair is better not to expose too much hot air drying.It is believed that hair dryers function of ionization are safe for the health of hair.When drying is better to use the cool air flow.In addition, it is necessary to protect hair from the sun and frost.

without stress

for hair health and maintain proper operation of the whole body, you need to educate yourself to perceive the negative outside.Do not dive for every occasion in a stressful condition.To maintain the beauty and health need to learn to deal with emotions and often entertain guests at benevolent and peaceful mood.

masks against the section of hair: at home, we can get rid of this trouble, using raw egg, useful oils, henna, yogurt, carrot juice and cod liver oil

masks against the section of the hair ends

We should definitely supplementAll of these support activities, here are useful hair mask.At home against a section of tips you can use simple recipes listed below.

raw egg

Popular egg mask helps to cope with many challenges, including a brittle ends.The preparation of therapeutic mask is to mix the yolk of a raw egg with 1 large spoon of a suitable vegetable oil 1 large spoon of juice, freshly squeezed lemon.Put the mask on the scalp, it is necessary to treat all of the hair.The waiting time is 30-60 minutes, then hair should be thoroughly rinsed.

Tea with henna

dissolved colorless henna is not in the water, and strong tea.The mush put 2 egg yolks and mix.After application to the hair means to be conditioned for 2 hours.During the exposure mask head should be wrapped up warmly.

Kefir and juice

Next mask consists of equal parts of yogurt and fresh carrot juice.Treated with a hair, leave it for half an hour, then wash off.Masks on the basis of yogurt have countless positive reviews because really effective job of home hair treatment and significantly improve the appearance of hair.If there is no problem with the hair, the yogurt is used as an excellent preventive agent.

Fish oil is known that oral fish oil adds healthy hair.The outer coating of the aromatic liquid also gives excellent result.Brushing hair cod-liver oil, insulated plastic cap head with a towel after 30 minutes wash the hair with shampoo.


minimum once a week should be used vegetable oil.Olive, burdock, linseed, castor oil, almond oil, shea butter, peach - oils help restore hair.After the distribution of the oil on all hair and scalp need to hide your head plastic cap and over his tightly wound towel.Oil is applied for at least 40-60 minutes or leave on the hair for a night of rest.Keep in mind that every girl fit different hair masks.At home against the tip section can be controlled by implementing a series of measures listed and regularly applying a mask with yogurt, fish oil, henna, egg yolk and butter.