Lipstick style nude lips - the most fashionable new this year.This trend is likely to fall into the vast ranks of the classical techniques of makeup.The colors of lipstick-style nude lips are so diverse that you can easily choose for themselves the desired shade.The main rule to achieve the effect of "invisibility" and avoid visual distortions complexion - is to choose the right color of lipstick.It is a mistake to believe that the nude lips (literally from the English "nude lips") - is one shade of lipstick.In fact, so many of them that you even could not imagine.How to choose the right color of lipstick? made its collection of celebrities with nude lips on the type of skin color.Watch and learn.

color of lipstick and complexion

Light facial skin

Light facial skin, or as it is called, porcelain, looks harmonious with pink and beige shades.This we have demonstrated Miley Cyrus and Nicole Kidman.

color of lipstick: Miley Cyrus

color of lipstick : Nicole Kidman

ivory skin

color of lipstick to skin type can range from beige to brown.Take the example of Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis and Emma Stone.For the summer, you can pick up a peach tones.

color of lipstick : Emma Stone

color of lipstick : Anne Hathaway

color of lipstick : Mila Kunis

Swarthy facial skin

swarthy skin are sometimes called golden.Therefore, a slight hint of orange color is very appropriate.Angelina Jolie looks great by itself for lipstick-style nude lips on the basis of two colors - beige and orange.

Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, known to all of his dark skin, prefer rich beige.If you have very tanned skin at this point, you will also need to choose the color of lipstick, suitable dark skin.

color of lipstick : Kim Kardashian

color of lipstick : Jennifer Lopez

color of lipstick : Eva Longoria

color of lipstick : Angelina Jolie

dark complexion

For dark complexions should choose the color of lipstick dark palette, such as brown.Tyra Banks vivid example of how harmoniously looks, facial skin and lips.

Rihanna also decided to experiment a bit and chose a shade of beige with brown midtone.Also very appropriate, but the option Tyra objectively better.

color of lipstick : Tyra Banks

color of lipstick : Rihanna

Lip Makeup style nude lips

to achieve from their lipstick effect of invisibility on the lipsshould follow a few rules.

Before you apply lipstick on her lips, moisten them with a conventional lip balm.This will help you get rid of the moisture of the lips and apply lipstick smoothly.Remember that nude lips should be soft and gentle.

second step - is to choose the right color of lipstick.You do not want to look tired or sick.

stylists recommend before applying lipstick, use a concealer or powder around the mouth.Many girls forget about it, leveling the complexion only on the forehead, nose and cheeks.

is also necessary to use a pencil for the lips.The colors of lipstick-style nude lips can "eat" your lips, and they will look on his face expressionless.Therefore, to denote the start line of the lips with a pencil on the darker tone of the selected color lipstick.

Once you have done all steps, apply lipstick.

If you can not live without lip gloss, apply a thin layer on top of lipstick.This option is also available.As a result, you will have the make-up lips like Angelina or Kim.