To was not ashamed to show legs, clean hardened heel of the dead skin layers.Not everyone is familiar with this simple and pleasant procedure.We describe the subtleties mitigating heels relevant to girls women of all ages.

Instructions purification calloused heels

We give a step by step guide for proper skin softening feet and consistent effect on home care.

Step 1 - foot bath

necessary to make the tradition of regular foot baths.There are some tips on this subject:

  • optimal steam out legs in the evening;
  • not be neglected baths, such events soften rough skin and allow it to remove unnecessary layers;
  • simplest tub of warm water is carried out for 20 minutes, add water 1 large spoonful of baking soda;
  • find feet in the water must be accompanied by a gentle massage;
  • three times a week is recommended to arrange herbal baths, for these purposes are often used herbs such as St. John's wort, chamomile;
  • note that steaming leg with herbs, not only improves the skin of feet, but also protects your fee
    t from fungal pathogens.

Step 2 - cleansing stop

Do not forget the timely cleansing of the skin on the feet.How do we describe it below:

  • steamed legs easily freed from coarse layers of the skin, apply for this special scrubs and pumice stone;
  • do not assume pumice obsolete tool, it is a proven tool shows consistently positive results without any harm to the skin;
  • also does not hurt to handle special steamed legs stiff brush;
  • produce exfoliation stop about 5 minutes, carefully working through a particularly rough area of ​​heels;
  • after wiping brush or pumice feet should be rinsed with water or apply cool temperatures instead any herbal decoction.

Step 3 - nutrition and hydration of the skin on the feet

Know that enough clean roughened heel, you must also take care of proper nutrition of the skin and its intense moisturizing.Here's how to proceed:

  • regular foot baths and constant peeling heels soon give a positive result, you will see how to update the skin - it will have to strongly nourish and moisturize;
  • use special creams;
  • also suitable home remedies;
  • perfect moisturizer acts virgin olive oil (it is a product of the first cold pressing);
  • to achieve the best result warm the oil before applying;
  • moisturizing cream or oil should be provided gentle foot massage for a few minutes.

Step 4 - systematic care

When you reach the best results - healing and soften the skin heels, do not forget about fixing this effect:

  • uninterrupted care is the key to maintaining a clean, healthy and attractive legs;
  • stop if the skin is prone to drying out or cracking, it is necessary from time to time to find time for their steaming, cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition;
  • rate heels recovery will last about 1.5-2 months, after which you can reduce the number of procedures;
  • rough skin when the problem is solved, it is enough to produce moisturizing and nourishing foot 1 time per week;
  • use cosmetics or acting better than their homemade mask.

How to Clean roughened heel: make regular bath, arrange the house other useful procedures to nourish, soften and moisturize the skin on the soles of the feet;at constant care leather heels acquire tenderness, will be protected from calluses and cracks

Useful procedures to mitigate the heels

Optional emphasis is on cream shop.Of course, today there are many cosmetics for skin repair, and it shows good results.Also, the powerful effect of skin rejuvenation can be achieved through the use of available and completely harmless home remedies.

honey and olive oil


  • olive oil,
  • honey.


  • to soften the skin and make-up heels take these products in equal amounts;
  • spread the mixture on the problem areas on their feet and leave for 30 minutes;
  • wash your feet with warm water;
  • on foot apply a nourishing cream.

preheated olive oil, honey, you can not keep on my feet all night.

Leaflets aloe

What you need:

  • freshly cut aloe leaves;
  • plastic film or bags;
  • socks.

How to make an evening wrap:

  • crushed leaves of aloe in any way;
  • impose weight on the heel or the entire area of ​​the feet;
  • bandage over the leaves of polyethylene film;
  • wear socks on the film;
  • leave a compress on his feet to sleep at night;
  • morning to wash his feet.

peel and green tea


  • peel shot from 1 lemon;
  • once brewed green tea leaves;
  • plastic film;
  • socks to secure a compress.

What to do:

  • chop zest;
  • combine green tea and zest in equal amounts;
  • impose this weight on your heels or the entire area of ​​the stop;
  • hide legs polyethylene;
  • fix socks;
  • leave it overnight;
  • morning to wash his feet.

Recommendations from this article and described masks usually help clean the hardened skin of the heel and bring to a gentle state of perfect 1.5 months, but in each case the healing process proceeds differently.The success of home care and the speed of a positive effect depends on the initial state of the skin of feet.