Every day more girls are trying to decorate your body with tattoos.However, many prefer colored tattoos.In this article we will talk again about how these "patterns".In particular, we find out what color tattoos are suitable for girls.

Understanding color tattoo


Homeland colored tattoos is considered Japan.In the 18th century to carry them out to use natural dyes extracted from various plants.In those days were very popular image named Yukie's, namely, the "picture" of nature, everyday life, or holidays.There were also in fashion trends animalistic.

Later, in the late 19th - early 20th century, these tattoos began to carry out in Europe.Such popularity is due to the fact that at that time in vogue oriental motifs.That is why the Europeans began to decorate their body in this way.The most popular was the image of dragons, flowers, fish and tigers.For their application became more resistant to use colorants produced artificially.

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Color Tattoo: on the chest and shoulders

Colored tattoo : flowers on hand

Colored tattoo : delicate flowers and watch

Colored tattoo : interesting pattern on the chest

Colored tattoo : blue rose on shoulder

Colored tattoo : skull, red flowerButterfly

Colored tattoo : fabulous figure on the side

Pros colored tattoo

The main advantage of such a tattoo is her beauty.Monochrome analogue can not pass as a realistic image.For example, a flower made with colored paints skilled craftsmen, might look like a living and thus will attract a lot of tattoo looks full of admiration.In addition, in recent years it has become a popular play on the body of masterpieces.Run can only be colored paints and then such a "picture" of the world will look like a masterpiece.

In addition, with the help of a tattoo can be "close" an unfortunate monochrome image.You can choose any "picture" and the old tattoo does not remain even a trace.

colored images of flowers are also very popular among girls, more on this in an article flower tattoo meaning and photos.

Colored tattoo : wise owl on foot

Colored tattoo : animals on his feet

Cons colored tattoo

Among the shortcomings of these tattoos release:

  1. high cost compared with solid counterparts.
  2. painful.The fact that the performance of the color involves a large number of punctures, thus the pain will be much stronger than the monochrome version.That's why girls with a low pain threshold to perform such a tattoo is not recommended.
  3. require frequent adjustment.Approximately in 5 years you will have to contact the master for updates.The fact that the colors fade in the sun and washed away under the influence of corrosive compounds.Naturally, it will not be immediately noticeable.Only only after 5-6 years your "pattern" dim and will have to go to the "reconstruction".
  4. can cause allergic reactions.Note that monochrome images that result are not allowed.

Colored tattoo : bright butterflies

Colored tattoo : bird with flowers

Colored tattoo : guitar on hand

The value of color and design of tattoos

value color tattoo

Colored tattoos for girls, as well as for young people who have to choose, knowing their meaning.The significance of a particular image, you can learn directly from the masters; we'll tell you about the meaning of flowers themselves.

  1. White.It traditionally stands for purity and clarity of thought.In addition, it symbolizes good fortune and counterbalance the evil.However, if we look to the east value, the white color represents the moon, west, and death.That is why it should be used with caution in tattoos.Note the value of the image and only then make a decision to use it in a tattoo or not.
  2. Black.It is not difficult to guess that it is the opposite of white.It symbolizes the evil lust and black magic.If we take the eastern symbolism, everything is the opposite.Black color - a symbol of good.In addition, it means that the person wishes to increase its vitality and direct it in a positive way.
  3. red.It symbolizes wisdom, powerful energy and eternal lifeblood.Use it in the tattoo can only be a person with these qualities.
  4. Yellow - the color of the sun.It represents the light and warmth.However, he has other meanings.Sometimes yellow color symbolizes betrayal, meanness, treachery or illness.Note that if the Japanese dragon is made with the shade, such a tattoo is important forces of heaven.In addition, it is the hallmark of the imperial family.
  5. Brown.European value - infertility and humility.In the East, the brown color symbolizes the rich harvest and the spirit of rebellion.
  6. green and blue.In this case, there is no discrepancy in the eastern and European symbolism.These colors represent success, prosperity, luck, all kinds of creature comforts, the love pouring from the sky and an endless source of internal energy.
  7. golden color.It symbolizes wealth and material superiority in all things.
  8. Silver color.Its value - Immaculate, bright thoughts, wisdom and purity.
  9. Purple.Here again, the division can be traced.For Europeans, this color represents lust for power, and in the east it symbolizes nobility thoughts and deeds.

Based on these values ​​it can be concluded that special attention should be paid to the direction of the image.In eastern tattoo is an entirely different meaning than in the west.This should be considered when selecting the image.

If you are thinking on the design, a look at our review of articles tattoo for girls: what to choose?Meaning and tattoos for girls (photo).

Design tattoo

In this case, there is no design restrictions.You can perform color tattoo in any style.In addition, it can be done anywhere on the body.Lately it has become fashionable to decorate your torso pictures.Also remain valid miniature tattoo.Selection of pictures depends on your taste and opportunities.So, if you work on strict rules, then you can perform small tattoo, which is hidden from others.You can boast it to a loved one or to show her summer at the beach.

Colored tattoo : blood-red roses

Colored tattoo : large owl with a lantern

Colored tattoo : pattern on the back

Colored tattoo : big flower and insect on the back

Colored tattoo : mermaid on the back

Colored tattoos for girls may be different sizes and orientation, as itwe found.Knowing the values ​​that we have given in this article you will be able to choose the option that suits you in temperament and way.