This review contains popular and proven products for acne on the face.Divide all external funds for pharmacies groups make it easier to navigate the world of medicine.In severe cases, it is not necessary to practice the self, you need a medical examination, proper diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.So, remember the basic principles of successful acne treatment and effective name of ointments and creams.

Cleansing facial acne

see how to properly treat inflammatory lesions on the face and how to apply special creams or ointments.

Mandatory measures in the treatment of acne

Here are useful tips to accelerate the disappearance of acne:

  • We must abandon the extrusion of pus formation in the skin.
  • twice a day is necessary without washing sponges special gel or foam.
  • Use only cosmetics, does not clog pores (drugs can be marked "do not kamedogenno").
  • If the day is seen excessive oiliness of the skin, the best use of a neutral cleaning wipes impregnated containing tea tree oil, chamomile, or succes
  • not recommended without proper protection on the skin prolonged exposure under the intense sun.Solarium is also not welcome.
  • In acute need to refuse invasive techniques clean the face.
  • problem skin nice calm soft scrub or cleansing gel.The perfect home base for a mask - crushed oatmeal.
  • Before using any external agent for the treatment of acne are kindly requested to clean the skin quality.

principle of action of pharmaceutical agents

Pharmaceutical drugs have several lines of action:

  • reduce the likelihood of blockage of the sebaceous glands of the weekend;
  • in the hair follicle and surrounding tissue, inflammation dies;
  • reduced the number of bacteria localized in the follicle;
  • process sebum production is gradually coming back to normal.

diet in the treatment of acne

Without proper nutrition is not possible to restore health.First, list the products that is highly undesirable to use for problem skin and permanent acne or acne.Here is a list

unwholesome food:

  • meat with a high percentage of fat;
  • smoked products;
  • spicy dishes with spices in large quantities;
  • food, roasted on the fire and covered with a crust;
  • garnish with an impressive share of carbohydrates - refined rice, pasta;
  • drink coffee;
  • black teas;
  • salt;
  • sweet drinks;
  • sugar;
  • baking;
  • cream and jams;
  • mayonnaise;
  • milk with a high percentage of fat;
  • sweet curd products;
  • ketchup.

The following list includes the products that must be present in the diet for the successful treatment of skin acne.

Here is a list of useful food:

  • meat with low-fat or white fibers taken from young animals;
  • grass and herbs;
  • natural Bloated raw-food;
  • food in foil, treated an open fire;
  • drink chicory;
  • side dishes of vegetables;
  • green tea varieties;
  • sweet fruits or juices made from them;
  • honey in small doses;
  • sea salt;
  • vegetable juices;
  • cream with lemon juice;
  • fresh tomatoes or tomato paste, natural;
  • nonfat cottage cheese;
  • yogurt natural origin;
  • crackers;
  • quality bread.

Preparations of acne on his face: modern pharmaceutical industry offers many tools with different effects on the skin and the price for error-free selection of a cream or ointment is necessary to consult with your doctor

preparations for face acne

be mentioned in the review of the bestpopular and effective drugs for acne on the face.

External retinoids

The group of retinoids include the following means.

  • «Adapalene»
  • «Adaklin»
  • «Klenzit»
  • «Differin»
  • «Isotretinoin»
  • «Retasol»
  • «Retinoic ointment»
  • «Aknekutan»
  • «Roaccutane»

What cream based on retinoids described in the article purchase cream with retinoids: how to choose?

Preparations based on azelaic acid

This includes the following external means.

  • «Aziks-Derm»
  • «Skinoren»
  • «Azogel»
  • «Azelik»

very popular salicylic acid, more about her methods of use in the fight for a beautiful skin, read the article Salicylic acid acne.

Other effective external remedies for acne

Consider that still offer modern pharmacy to cleanse the skin.

  • «Badyaga»
  • «green clay»
  • «Dimexidum»
  • «Salicylic acid»
  • «Pasta zinc»
  • «Pasta salitsilovo- zinc»
  • «Tsindol»
  • «Regetsin»
  • «Kurizon »
  • « Calamine »
  • « Sledotsid »
  • « chlorophyll »

Badyaga actively struggling with disabilities face, as it is used in the home is described in an article by Badyaga spots after acne.

External preparations with antimicrobial and antibacterial effect.

Funds from this group can also be used as part of the treatment of acne on the face.

  • «Baziron-AS»
  • «Zinerit»
  • «Dalatsin»
  • «Zerkalin»
  • «Klindovit»
  • «Ointment eritromitsinovaya»
  • «Streptocide Liniment»
  • «Ichthammol»

often effectivepreparations as described in the article by means of pimples on his face.

been called the most popular medicines for acne on the face, but in each case, treatment may be different - all drugs should be prescribed by your doctor.For proof effect cleansing is necessary to complete the treatment, which in addition to the use of medicines required to include proper care of the skin and its protection, careful thinking through diet and a healthy lifestyle.