hair hands are not always undesirable, and they are few who removes.However, in some women because of the nature of appearance, they are a real aesthetic problem.As for hair removal, then in these areas the skin is tender, so plucking can cause irritation and discomfort to deliver, and will result in shaving stubble and thick dark hair regrowth.An alternative in this case may be a discoloration.Such a method will safely and for a long time to solve the problem.Here you have several options to choose from means.Among them are folk recipes available and ready to make.


hair bleach hair bleach on hand can be made using various means - from expensive to cheap drugs professional home recipes.

special bleaching agent

In specialized cosmetic stores you can buy products that are designed to lighten hair on the body.They are very soft and delicate.With their help, you can quickly achieve a result without harming the skin.They are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic.This option is ideal even if you ha

ve very sensitive thin skin.The only drawback is the high price.

Hair Dye

for bleaching unwanted vegetation on hand fit and the usual brightening hair color.You just need to stick to the instructions, and the first time you see the result.However, in this case, there are pitfalls.In particular, you can get irritation or staining of the skin, and the effect is sometimes unpredictable.

To reduce the risk of hair discoloration on the hands to produce better quality by using proven colors.If you are in doubt, you must first test the vehicle on a small inconspicuous area of ​​the skin.

Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide

To prepare the cleaning agent, you will need:

  1. Peroxide 5% - 25 ml;
  2. ammonia, alcohol - 10 ml;
  3. Soda - ½ tsp .;
  4. Water - 25 ml.

All ingredients should be placed in a porcelain or glass dish and stir with a wooden stick.The metal in this case should not be used because it can influence the course of a chemical reaction.

tool with a cotton swab or a disk is applied to areas with unwanted hair, and after 40 minutes wash off with warm water.It is important for 3 days prior to the procedure does not wash with soap and water to the skin layer of fat formed.It is necessary to protect against possible irritations and burns.

Such means are available and effective, but it requires mandatory testing for sensitivity.It must be applied to a small area of ​​the skin and leave for an hour.In case of discomfort, burning, redness, part of an urgent need to rinse with plenty of water and seek another way to bleaching.

about this tool and hair removal can be found in the article Hydrogen peroxide of unwanted hair.

lighten hair gidroperita

This tool is also available and easy to prepare, like the previous one.But it requires mandatory testing because it can cause irritation and allergies.

To make it, you need the following components:

  1. gidroperit - 1 tablet (1.5 g);
  2. Liquid Soap - 1/3 tsp .;
  3. ammonia, alcohol 10% - 1 tbsp .;
  4. water - 1 tbsp

prepared this compound in a glass or porcelain dish, and is also used for mixing wooden device.Avoid contact with the metal.First of all, we fill the tablet with water and wait for its dissolution.Then add a soap mix.After introducing alcohol and stirred again to form a foam.

ready means must be applied to the hair and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

decoction of chamomile and lemon

less effective, but the safest option is lemon or chamomile broth.They are identical in order of effectiveness and application.You can choose any of these tools, moisten it a piece of natural fabric and attach the problematic section is 2 hours.Repeat procedure should be every day until the results.

bleaching the hair on hands: there are safe ways to lighten unwanted hair that subject precautions can be practiced at home

The best discolor hair on his hands?

Now you know different ways of bleaching the hair on his hands.But which one is the best?The answer to this question can only be provided on an individual basis, based on the characteristics of an organism.

So, if the hair is dark and hard, it is best to use the peroxide-based or gidroperita.However, if the skin is sensitive, then they will not fit.In this case, the best option would be a hypoallergenic professional preparation.You can also ask for help in the beauty salon.

Anyone who is not too dark thin hair, fit sparing agents of chamomile or lemon juice.They quickly will result without harming the skin.

If you have a favorite lightening hair color, which you use regularly, you can use it at the same time on the field hands.In this case, you will have a simple and effective way.

bleaching the hair on his hands - a great alternative to shaving and hair removal.You should only choose the most suitable way.It is important to remember about safety, so the tendency to allergy or hypersensitivity it is necessary to test the tool.