seems the world has covered a new wave of trendy diets.So whether they are effective, how to describe them to us, or is it just moves markeingovye?Let's deal together.Today we talk about the alkali, or as it is called in learned to medium alkaline diet.It turns out that this is the most favorite diet Victoria Beckham, the mother of four children.Despite this the number of offspring, the lady managed to keep a terrific figure.

What is the Alkaline Diet?

principles of the new diet lies in the fact that the food consumed mostly fruit and vegetables, but the products of animal origin is practically excluded.And fruits and vegetables should be eaten raw, without putting any heat treatment.Of course, at first to get used to such a diet is not easy enough, as modern cheovek stomach even so accustomed to cooked food.Duration of course weight loss using this method must not exceed a month.However, some people, reaching significant results with an alkaline diet is not going to abandon her.Such food for them bec

omes a way of life.

known that all foods are two environments: the alkaline or acidic, therefore they have different effects on the organism."Acidic" foods destroy bone tissue, while "Alkaline" food netraylizuet this acid restoring natural ph-environment.This alkaline environment is more useful to man.The author of the alkaline diet Vicky Edson explains it this way:

Our body performs better in an alkaline medium, as a human fluid, and it is blood, lymph, urine, provides a vital activity of all the organs in the body, but it has a weak alkaline reaction (ph 7.40).Consequently, a proper diet should be approximately at the same level.

Vicky Edson

Many products that consume a modern man, ph does not exceed 6, so they accumulate a large amount of acid.

According to nutritionists, if included in the diet mainly the emissions of acid is in our body is acidification.As a result, undesirable reaction flushed useful microelements and enzymes.In people with impaired balance ph-observed bad breath, worsening skin and hair.Besides acid response and our sleep, and the nervous system.

When the diet is dominated by acidic foods, it can lead to sleep disturbances and even anger.Began to follow an alkaline diet, a week later you feel that you can cope with fatigue and outbursts of anger.

Vicky Edson

Alkaline Diet opposes the protein diet (The Kremlin diet, diet Adkinsona, Dukan Diet, and many others).We are accustomed to the fact that the protein - is essential for cell growth and regeneration.Protein foods do not contain carbohydrates, so do not harm the figure.However, Vicky Edson no hurry to agree.Nutritionists believe that the ph from protein foods (meat, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese) is not greater than 6. Furthermore, in animal products a lot of cholesterol, which adversely affects the health of blood vessels and other organs zhiznenovazhnyh.While fruits and vegetables, that is alkaline food, normalize metabolic processes, thereby man begins to lose those extra kilos.

Menu alkaline diet

As mentioned above, in the alkaline diet, you can eat only fruits and vegetables.Meat products are used only as an exceptional and very rare.

What can I eat fruit: apples, citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, tangerine), peaches, nectarines, apricots, bananas, melons and berries (black currants, grapes, watermelon).

list as varied vegetables: cabbage, carrots, eggplant, squash, zucchini, turnips, mushrooms, beets and broccoli.But from corn and asparagus have to give.

Animal products: with a few exceptions are allowed to eat lean meat, no fat, beef, lamb and veal.Under the ban duck and goose because of high cholesterol.

addition to these products in your diet, you can include other schelochesoderzhaschie Products: buckwheat, millet, honey, almonds.

So your food for the day might look like this:

  • Breakfast: serving of red and green vegetables, soy milk or low-fat yogurt with fruit (apples, peaches).
  • Lunch: 150g boiled chicken with a side dish of vegetables, yogurt.
  • Dinner: 150g of fish, salad vegetables, yogurt.

your diet alkaline diet when you can create your own, based on the list of authorized products and on your taste.

But do not forget about the basic rules of good nutrition:
  • Eat raw vegetables in salads or side dishes, to avoid problems with the stomach, vegetables can be steamed.
  • Eat breakfast 1 green and 1 yellow vegetable.
  • consumed in the day mostly alkaline foods (80%).
  • for salads and other dishes using oil without chemical additives (olive, soybean, peanut).
  • Deciding to cook the meat, make sure it is lean.It is best to choose beef, veal and lamb, as well as turkey and chicken.
  • not allowed to eat after 18-19 pm.The food can not drink.After the meal, you can drink only tea tvaryanoy.At other times, allowed to drink anything other than soda.

Generally, alkaline diet, experts say, is aimed at restoring the body, rather than weight loss.However, in practice it turned out that the alkaline diet is effective against obesity.

ardent fan fashion innovations acts style icon Victoria Beckham.The star is so fascinated by the right diet that will not hear about the other diets, considering it the most balanced way to lose weight and faithful.Of course, Mrs Beckham is not the only follower of the fruit and vegetable supply.In this it was supported and former colleague at the group Spice Girls Melanie Chisholm.

Alkaline Diet: Mel C to the diet

In recognition of the chalk, being in the group, she has always suffered from the fact that she had to control her weight.Due to constant experiences at Sport-spice happened pischevarielnym tract problems.After the collapse of the girl's team fans Melanie noticed that she gained weight and became less than ideal shape.Do not want to experience again the old problems, Mel turned to her friend Victoria.It NSP-spice and advised her wonderful recipe for getting rid of lichshih kilograms and recovery.After a few months on the alkaline diet, Melanie noticed positive results.

Victoria Thank you for the excellent diet.I thought I knew everything about nutrition.Now I eat mostly vegetarian food and feel just fine.At the moment I am preparing for a marathon, so I need to properly and eat a lot.Who would have thought that, due to the alkaline diet, I would have so much energy and effort.Lichshy weight, incidentally, is also leaving.

Melanie C

Thanks to the advice of Victoria Beckham and an alkaline diet, Melanie noticeably thin (42 minutes is the size), prettier and more cheerful.

Alkaline Diet: Mel C after diet

But others say the fair sex, try to imagine an alkaline diet?

other reviews about the alkaline diet

Many respondents, following the instructions of the alkaline diet, said they consistently lose weight.In the first week the result was seen stunning.Many of slimming managed to lose up to 4 pounds.In the following weeks, weight loss was not as fast (-1 kg), but it was stable.