The benefits of dried fruit has been known for a long time.They recommended instead feast of sweets and then can "withdraw" a few extra kilos.However, it is not all their dignity.Today we will deal with the question: what is useful prunes slimming?

Understanding prunes

Composition prunes

Useful properties of dried fruits due to its rich composition.It contains vitamins PP, A, C, B complex, minerals, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, some acids, in particular malic acid, pectic substances, proteins, fat, sugar and water.Calories prunes equals 264 calories.All these substances are collectively prunes confer useful properties.

Useful properties

  • primarily prunes useful for the gastrointestinal tract.It helps the body to cope with constipation and improves digestion.He acts as a mild laxative.Doctors often recommend its use lactating mothers whose babies suffer from constipation.In addition, it helps to cope with certain gastrointestinal diseases.In this case, you want to consult a spe
  • addition prunes lowers cholesterol to normal marks, thus preventing the formation of cholesterol plaques and reduces the risk of heart attack.Also use it in food is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Prunes also kills a lot of bacteria.This allows the use of its quality dried fruit as a means for the prevention of various diseases of the teeth and gums.
  • Since the product contains vitamin A, therefore, its use contributes to the improvement of vision.
  • prunes also improves the functioning of the liver and kidneys, improves the condition of blood vessels and helps to cope with the swelling.Furthermore, this dried fruit promotes the normalization of elevated blood pressure and prevents the development of malignant tumors.
  • Speaking of cosmetology, the prunes and here is useful.It improves the skin and even helps rejuvenate.
  • It should be noted another useful property of prunes - it improves mood.This is important for those who adheres to a diet.Dietary restrictions - it's a real stress on the body, and this product helps to deal with it.

If we consider the question of how useful prunes for weight loss, it is necessary to say that it helps to quickly get enough and the sensation of hunger on long enough.That's about it as dried fruits, we'll talk in more detail.

Prunes: it is necessary to include in the diet of this useful product, at constant use of his powerful body receives nourishment nutrients and naturally gets rid of the extra kilos

Prunes slimming

How to eat prunes?

Here are a few rules that should be followed to deal with being overweight:

  1. Replace cakes, cookies and candy prunes.It will be no less tasty, but more useful for the organism as a whole and for the figure.
  2. If there is hunger, eat a few prunes stuff.This will help you get enough and "smash" the appetite until the next meal.
  3. To reduce weight you need to eat 6 pieces of prunes before meals or after it.This will allow the digested food more thoroughly and prevent its deposition in the fat layer.
  4. Every week you can arrange a fasting day, which involves only the use of the dried fruits.First, it must pour boiling water and leave to swell.Eat prunes need 100 grams every 3 hours.Note that if you are suffering from diabetes, this method you contraindicated.

In addition, there are a few special recipes with prunes, that help to lose weight.

Recipes with prunes slimming

If you decide to lose a few kilos, then help you implement it the following recipes can be.

Recipe 1


  1. Prunes - 300g.
  2. buckthorn bark - 50g.
  3. rosehip syrup - 250 ml.
  4. cold water - 8 glasses.

To begin connect prunes buckthorn bark, and fill them with the specified amount of water.After this part put on fire, boil and hold for another 15 minutes on low heat.Later in the broth, add the syrup, rose hips and hold for another 40 minutes.When the specified time has elapsed, remove it from the heat and leave to infuse overnight.Now the composition is ready for use.Apply it should be 100 ml daily for 21 hours.This recipe will help to burn fat, and you can get rid of a few kilograms, subject to dietary restrictions.

Recipe 2

you need:

  1. Prunes - 400g.
  2. Raisins - 100 gr.
  3. Dried apricots - 100g.
  4. dried rose hips - 200 gr.
  5. figs - 200g.
  6. Grass Seine - 50 c.
  7. Honey - 200 gr.

Take all the ingredients except the honey and grind them.It is best to use for this slaughter, but allowed other ways if you do not have this device.Further, these ingredients combine with the liquid honey and mix thoroughly.Note that the amount of honey can be changed, if you feel that the mass is too thick or too liquid.Note that consistency should be of medium thickness.Take the resulting mixture should be 2 times a day: in the morning and evening.Recipe improve digestion and help burn fat.In addition, it will strengthen the immune system and will act positively on the entire body.

Recipe 3


  1. Prunes - 400g.
  2. Dried apricots - 400g.
  3. senna - 1 pack.
  4. Honey - 200 gr.

All components except for honey and connect the chop.Just as in the previous recipe is recommended to pass them through a meat grinder.Add honey and stir.This weight must be taken in the evening after the last meal, washed down with warm water.This recipe will promote good digestion and fat burning.

Note that all of these recipes are the main contraindications - it's pregnancy, lactation and diabetes mellitus.If there are other chronic diseases should consult with a specialist.

Now you know what is useful prunes slimming.However, none of the recipe will not help you if you do not limit themselves in power.The ideal situation would be in this case, diet and exercise.Then you have very quickly forget about what is overweight.