today demand smaller tattoos for girls, because not all decide to close a large area of ​​the body pattern.Indeed, in many cases, the small image looks aesthetically pleasing.In addition, it is easy to hide underwear ornament from unwanted views.Miniature tattoo discuss women's issues.

especially young women tattoos

First, take a look at the idea of ​​a small tattoo from a practical point of view.With the help of the figure can be achieved quite good cosmetic defect.Any tattoo looks much better birthmark, ugly scars or other unsightly skin defect.This method of disguising skin imperfections incredible winning, because it does not robs women of their natural attractiveness, but only adds personality and gives a special charm.

Little Tattoo: cute ladybug

Small tattoos : pattern on the shoulder

Small tattoos : butterfly

Small tattoos : star behind the ear

Small tattoos : star with moon ankle

Small tattoos : stars behind the ear

Secondly,speed applicat

ion note a small image, large tattoos are much more painful stuff.If you choose a small tattoo of pain will be minimal.For fresh tattoos to be extremely simple to care for, since the area of ​​processing and small holders are not experiencing significant discomfort after the procedure of image.Given that small tattoos do not require large investments of money, you can afford an authoritative master and most prestigious institution specializing in tattoos.

Small tattoos : star on the wrist

Third, pay attention to the complexity of the work.If the image contains many small details, then over time they may blur the skin.It is necessary to calculate.To work with a small figure of the world of tattoos need a virtuoso, that is a talented artist with extensive experience in that scale.This wizard will take care of the long term and will help choose and apply a pattern so that over the years he did not warp.If the tattoo artist will approach his task correctly, we get a small image with an incredibly clear and smooth contours.

Small tattoos : letter by ear

Fourth, you need to think carefully about the meaning of the picture.This applies to any size tattoo, as it will remain in the body forever and mixing pattern implies discomfort, big investments and ugly scars.Despite the small size of the picture, you need to have full confidence that the value of the tattoo does not lose its relevance for humans, even after many years.

More photos and ideas of women's images in miniature become small tattoo for girls - a great decoration.

Small tattoos : fox on the wrist

Small tattoos : bow thumb

Small tattoos : birdie on the wrist

small tattoo ideas for girls

Small tattoos for girls are applied to any part of the body and are executed in different styles.We will talk about today's most popular destinations.

tattoo-style realism to failure filled with crisp detail and strong resemblance to the real objects.This method is not the most popular for small figures, but still in the presence of the master of talent can achieve a stunning effect.

Images in ethnic style at the same time are incredibly simple and profound symbolism.Tattoos can be made in the form of ancient characters with a specific value, and may be a pattern.These figures must be chosen very carefully, because we do not know what qualities they are endowed with magical signs.They are believed to affect the destiny of man, someone believes it, someone skeptical.

girls often prefer the words or symbols.It may be interesting characters - Japanese or Chinese.It is also interesting to look words or phrases in Arabic.Typically, such labels are endowed with deep symbolism for their owner.The letter or phrase can be encrypted position in life or other serious information.

Old school - recognizable and timeless style tattoos.In drawings created in this area, there are usually clear contours, and the objects inside are filled with vivid colors.Because this style of tattoo among sailors sprang such figures are imbued with marine issues.In addition to traditional anchors, swallows, ribbons with inscriptions and potsherds, there are many kinds of patterns.

New School is substantially transformed the style described in the preceding paragraph.Here, too, there are always sharp contours and bright colors are sure.Marine theme is absent, instead of it is dominated by familiar characters from games, funny cartoon characters and other surreal images.A special technique of applying the tattoo is subject not to everyone, so for them are taken exclusively confident experienced craftsmen.

If the choice falls on a symbol, sign or a sign of the zodiac, these objects often have on hand, for example, in the wrist area.If the pattern is directed vertically, it may go along the spine.Such small tattoos are often packed in the back of the neck.

Small tattoos : wings on the back of the neck

Small tattoos : tree

various colors and often decorated with sprigs of groin, legs, abdomen, shoulder blades.

On the Meaning of flower image detail in the article Tribal Flower meaning and photos.

Women tend to butterflies, birds and a variety of cute animals.These objects may live anywhere, most often they are placed on the blade, the back of the palm on the different zones of the fingers or toes, around the neck, lower back, groin or abdomen.

Often small tattoos for women look like a track from the stars or feathers.Also, the track may consist of notes of cute playful or funny animal tracks.This tattoo looks perfectly behind the ear, in the lower part of the leg, in the neck, shoulder or spine.

Small tattoos : text on the back

Small tattoos : bird on the blade

Small tattoos : rose on blade

Tattoo of any size - a serious step, and if you decide to make it, you need to think about their future life together with this pattern, which will be on your body forever.