Hair coloring style Ombre is almost the most fashionable among the stains ever existed.Ombre is so popular that almost all celebrities do not make it past the novelty of this year.After coloring the hair color looks very natural, it is always very much appreciated.The natural look is achieved by the fact that the roots of the hair are not painted, but starting from the middle, hair color gradually clarified.Hair color will look better if you will choose to color the tone of your natural colors.If desired hair color can make two or three shades lighter.Moreover, to the tips of the hair should be painted lighter than in the middle.Ombre assumes a smooth undulating transition.In addition, hair coloring is very convenient and practical.No one will blame you that you forgot to paint during recommends doing Ombre in the cabin, because the process of dyeing fashion is indeed a complex and time-consuming.However, you can try painting Ombre and at home.Here are a few tips on how to organize


Staining Ombre home

Ombre coloring at home: photos before and after dyeing

1. Choose bleach hair a few shades (for effect possible to lighten hair 5-6 tones).
2. Take the plastic container breeding paint brush to apply the paint, foil.

3. Stir the paint according to instructions in the tank and start to color the hair from mid-length.It is better if you paint the hair strands.From the middle of the brush gently hold the tip of the hair.

Ombre coloring at home: painted on the strands from the middle to the ends

4. After applying the paint on the strand, wrap it in foil.

5. After half an hour soaking, remove the foil and apply another coat of paint, but now just above the colored hair for a couple of centimeters.After 10 minutes, rinse all.

Ombre coloring at home: dry hair and apply a little paint, so will the ripple

6. Gently dry hair and apply a little paint the tips of 10 minutes.So they will look lighter than other hair pieces.

Ombre coloring at home: all rinse and dry the hair