Tea tree native to New Guinea and Australia, and it is grown in some tropical countries, especially to extract essential oil.It is highly regarded in various fields of cosmetology and medicine, thanks to its antibacterial qualities.In particular, apply tea tree for teeth whitening.This method is simple and safe.With essential oil of this tree, anyone can make their attractive smile without extra costs and a hike to the dentist.Of course, the effect in this case will be compared with a professional bleaching, but this method is absolutely safe and does not require extra effort.There are simple techniques that will help to gradually get rid of the plaque and lighten dark enamel on a pair of shades.

whitening tea tree oil

effects on teeth

Tea tree oil has a whitening effect mainly due to the cleansing of the teeth from plaque dark.This is especially true for all smokers and lovers of strong tea or coffee.Simultaneously with the bleaching, the tool also enhances enamel, preventing the formation of dent

al caries.

Tea Tree offers an excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties.Using its essential oil for oral care, you can quickly achieve fresh breath and spend the prevention of various kinds of diseases caused by germs and bacteria.On top of all this will benefit and aesthetic side of the issue.Your smile will become more attractive.

Before applying tea tree for whitening teeth, keep in mind that the oil has a very specific taste.Furthermore, in the process you can feel numbness in a mouth.Do not worry, this is a normal reaction that quickly passes.And with regular use of oil will happen addictive and unpleasant symptoms disappear.To get rid of the taste, you need to rinse your mouth lemon juice diluted in boiled water.

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Course duration

Usually, the first results of whitening you can see after the first 2 - 3 procedures.But to achieve the full effect, you need to make a course whose duration is 1 month.After that, be sure to take a break.It should last at least 2 months.

frequency of bleaching treatments - 1 - 2 times weekly.And by the time they take just a few minutes.Therefore, this option is suitable for almost everyone.


But before you start to bleaching, it is important to understand if you fit this option.First we have a normal sensitivity test.To this, add a drop of tea tree oil in a teaspoon of any vegetable oil (it may be olive oil, linseed oil, almond, and others, used as a primary in cosmetics, home).Then apply this mixture on the inner bend of the elbow and wait 15 minutes.This is particularly important in cases where there is a tendency to allergies.If no adverse reactions will not occur, then tea tree oil is right for you.In this light cooling effect is the norm.However, even in the case of a positive test result during the very first whitening procedures, pay attention to your feelings.If you feel discomfort or irritation occurs gums, it is best to consult a dentist before starting a full course.

Tea tree tooth whitening: at the correct application of essential oils reached the soft lighting enamel

methods of teeth whitening oil

There are different ways of teeth whitening tea tree oil.The principle of all the same, but the action can be faster or slower, but gentle, depending on the option selected.

Rinse Rinse is best used when you're going through this process for the first time and are afraid of negative reactions.To prepare the solution, you need a glass of pure water temperature 20 - 25 degrees dilute 2 drops of essential oil.But before it must be mixed with so-called emulsifier, which role can act honey, salt or milk.They need very little - just half a teaspoon.This is necessary for the normal compound ingredients.The fact that otherwise the oil is simply dissolved in water.

Rinse your mouth with such a solution should be 1 - 2 times a week to clean the teeth.The principle of whitening is that the raid by the action of the essential oil softens, and then you remove it easily with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

use toothbrush

more efficient to use tea tree oil in its pure form.Frequency procedures as well is 1 - 2 times a week, but the gist is as follows.First you brush your teeth in the usual way, then thoroughly wash and brush her drip 1 - 2 drops of oil and then brush your teeth for 5 minutes.After this taste remains in the mouth tea tree, and to remove it, rinse your mouth with water, dissolved in lemon juice (take about 1 teaspoon per cup).

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mixture of oils to enhance the effectiveness of tools, you can prepare a mixture of essential oils of tea tree and lemon.You will need 2 drops of the first and 1 drop - second.Lemon also has antimicrobial properties, has a bleaching effect and freshens breath.The essence of the procedure is completely identical to the previous version.

Tea Tree whitening teeth perfectly in cases where there is no access to a dentist.Moreover, their use can not only prevent damage to the enamel, but also to strengthen it.Although, it is worth noting that the effect of white teeth is unlikely to achieve.When using tea tree oil comes more cleansing than bleaching.But in this there is a plus - you keep healthy teeth, without subjecting them to unnecessary stress.