has a beautiful thick hair would like every woman.And for this each uses different methods.Someone goes to the beauty salon, someone buys a ready-made cosmetics, and someone entrusted to the forces of nature and uses natural products.In particular, very popular decoction of nettles for rinsing hair.This recipe came to us from the depths of time and do not lose relevance even in the age of advanced technology.It combines the simplicity, affordability and high efficiency.Furthermore, nettle practically no contraindications.The only drawback manifests itself only when you choose to collect the raw materials on their own - it is known to all the ability to burn the skin.

Efficiency nettle broth

Broth nettle incorporates all the useful and the nutrients of the plant, and as a result you get a wealth of chemical composition conditioner for hair.Its regular use will lead to significant improvements.

Nettle contains:

  • Vitamin A - it promotes nutritious food cells of the scalp and hair follicles.The result
    of replenishment of its reserves is to strengthen the roots, cessation of hair loss, and improvement in the skin.
  • Vitamin C - stimulates local immunity, increases blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Vitamin K - helps keep pigments, providing hair a deep rich color and shine.
  • tannins - they do that the hair cuticle tight to each other, making the strands of elastic, soft and manageable.
  • Keratin - is responsible for normalization of fat metabolism and moistens the fabric.Thanks to his long hair do not get dirty.
  • organic acids and flavonoids - beneficial effect on the root system of the hair bulb strengthening and improving metabolism.This is a must if the problem of excessive hair loss.

So we see that a decoction for rinsing hair nettle is self-contained medical and cosmetic products that will help you easily and inexpensively improve their curls.

Broth nettle: is regularly used for rinsing hair, constant replenishment of vitamins required to help cope with many challenges

Preparation and application

Before you go directly to the recipe, it should be noted that you have two options for the purchase of raw materials.The first is that you simply buy dried herbs from a pharmacy.The second option - an independent collection.And here it is important to take into account the basic rules.Firstly, nettles should be collected in dry weather, when there is no dew.Collection period for the middle band - May and June.Secondly, it is important to choose the right place.It must be environmentally friendly land away from major routes.After that, the grass should be washed and dried under a canopy in a ventilated room without contact with sunlight.

well established itself and decoction of birch leaves and buds, in more detail in the article Birch broth hair: good and recipes.

options prepare the broth nettle

classic recipe

The broth can be prepared from both dried and fresh nettles.In a glass of water you need 25 g of crushed leaves.They poured boiling water and languish on low heat for half an hour.Then filter the finished broth, add to it another liter of warm clean water and a teaspoon of baking soda to soften.

This framework is always used.This broth is useful by itself, but you can add different ingredients.

to shine

If your hair is too dull, then with nettles at the beginning of cooking, add the broth into the water about 100 ml of 6% cider vinegar.

To effectively strengthen the hair

If you have observed a strong loss, it is recommended by analogy with the previous recipe enter the sea-buckthorn juice - enough to a quarter cup.

To soften coarse hair

to your strands become more supple and obedient, you can combine in equal proportions with nettles mother and stepmother.Further, 25 g of this mixture cook on the classic recipe.

Rules of broth

preparation of an agent should be applied as follows.First you wash your hair with regular shampoo and then instead of the usual take balm nettle broth.It needs to be poured into a small bowl.Leaning over him, you should rinse hair with the help of glass or the bucket for 3 - 5 minutes.Then just wrap the head with a towel and dry tresses.Repeat this procedure about every other day for 2 - 3 weeks, and then take a break of about a month.

nettle decoction for rinsing hair will cost you much cheaper than professional treatment in the beauty salon.Furthermore, in this case you use safe natural product that virtually no contraindications.Very rarely there may be allergic reactions and idiosyncrasy.But if you have doubts about it, be sure to test in advance nettle broth, causing him to a small area of ​​skin.

Currently, a huge number of tools for hair care, and beauty salons offer effective ways to resolve a variety of problems.But along with all this, does not lose relevance and natural cosmetics, cooked yourself at home.