If you really want to have a slender, long legs, and you've just signed up to the gym, do not despair.Many Hollywood beauty are proven techniques to visually lengthen legs.It will be possible for you, just to add to the wardrobe a few "right" things.Here are the most effective ways.

How to lengthen the legs with the help of clothes?

Color Shine

It's no secret that the heel often helps a woman: it makes it higher and slimmer leg.But it turns out to visually lengthen the legs is not necessary to wear shoes with heels.Just need to pick a favorite model of shoe, whether heeled sandals and without batilony, pumps, beige.Beige color is present in all the collections of brand shoes Christian Louboutin.That is why most celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Wilde, love to wear the shoes of the famous designer.


Treads boots make your legs endless.However, these boots have to choose wisely.Make sure that the edge of the boots came the hem.It would be even better if Nav outfit was the

same color.This nostrum is constantly used Victoria Beckham and Natasha Poly.

Combine pants and heels to

legs seemed longer and slimmer, as everyday wear, choose pants that cover heel.By choosing pants fit neatly.For obese women ideal straight leg, slim ladies should choose flared.

skirt with a slit

slit skirt is not only visually lengthen your legs, but also help to hide a few extra kilos.To legs looked thinner, choose the side of the cut.With such a good combine skirt top with V-neck.This will help pull the silhouette of a few centimeters.

Baska Baska

- is a great way to make your waist slender and long legs.In addition, if you are overweight, the Basque perfectly hide extra weight on the hips.Slim ladies, on the contrary, add the desired amount.Baska pulls tight waist, giving it the appearance of an hourglass.It is to seek such forms of every woman.