Maxi fashion again gaining momentum.Last year, it was possible to observe a huge number of fashionistas who just sat down on the long garments.No wonder, long skirts, dresses and tunics - very comfortable in the summer heat, as they are made usually from natural light, semi-transparent materials.However, not everyone knows what to wear a long skirt, with nothing to properly combine maxi-dresses and tunics.

hardly a woman, indifferent to the fashion in the new summer season long skirts will be many times more.Designers predict them a new takeoff.In turn, the renowned fashion designer bet on silk skirts and dresses to the floor.In a cut skirt no restrictions: ladies can choose a long skirt, a dress or a sundress to taste, from the straight and narrow models, extensive and multi-layered, end models with cuts and drapes.

maxi or mini?

There steriotipnoe view that the mini skirt or mini-dress girl looks sexy, but in a long "monastic" skirt lost all female sexuality.It is not, and the famous design

er shows with more than this show.When choosing what to wear a short skirt or a long, give preference to the second, as long model is much more convenient for movement and comfort.You do not have to constantly straighten it, as often happens with mini skirts.A beautiful long skirts nothing uputayut its smaller sisters.

In addition, long skirts are suitable for any type of shape.Long skirts look great not only on the high and slender girl, but on the fashionistas with richer parameters.What can be said about the mini-skirts and dresses.

What to wear under a long skirt?

1. The main rule that should be followed when selecting the top to the skirt - is that it should be the same texture as the skirt itself.If you have a bottom line and tight, then you need to choose the top tight figure, for example, skin-tight top, t-shirt, turtleneck.

From what to wear a long skirt: long skirt direct or body hugging cut is better to wear a tight fitting top, T-shirt, turtleneck or sweater

2. If the lush skirt or layered, the top must match the splendor of.As the saying goes, the whole thing in proportion.And so, long skirt looks good almost everything: tops, shirts, sweaters, jeans and leather jackets, coats and jackets.

From what to wear a long skirt: long skirt is recommended to wear loose-fitting with a corresponding invoice for riding

3. In addition, the length of the skirt allows you to expose another part of the body such as the chest.So feel free to pick tops and T-shirts with an impressive cut on the site of cleavage.

From what to wear a long skirt: long skirt can be worn with bare top

4. In cooler weather with a long skirt looks good insulated jacket or blazer.Under this way of ballet flats or sleepers will be just right.
sultry hot weather choose sandals, gladiators.

From what to wear a long skirt: prohladkuyu weather in a long skirt can be worn with a leather jacket or a jacket

But sports shoes (usually sneakers) with long skirts are not.This is a gross mistake.If you really want to wear sporty chic, then give preference to skirts, dresses and sundresses with a short bottom.