Leather pants - it's very unusual and sexy female clothing item that can afford only a very brave girl.If you do decide to flaunt a new thing, you probably will be in the center of attention.However, all looking at you with admiration, need to know what to wear leather pants.This is what we will talk.

If you think that the leather pants differ only in color, then you are mistaken.There are several styles of the present article of clothing, but this season the fashion narrowed or straight model.Please be aware that such options will look good on tall girl with a slim build.If your figure is not really suitable for these parameters, then you fit leather pants very cut free.In this model, you will look very elegant, especially since this style will never lose its relevance.

Leather pants

To create your ideal image must be able to combine the right things, because if you do something wrong, you can look quite ridiculous.Then, instead of the desired effect, you may get a lot of negative criticism and hur

tful comments.To avoid this, we have to figure out what is best to wear leather pants.

most ideal option is considered to be a combination of leather and wool.It can be and sweaters and pullovers and ponchos and sweaters made from this material.The coat in this case, to "dilute" the aggressiveness of the skin, and in such an outfit, you will look soft and feminine and soft, but at the same time sexy girl will not remain without attention from the male.

Leather pants: warm sweater

Relatively recently came into vogue outerwear such thing as a fur vest.It looks very elegant and extremely suitable for leather pants.However, in this case, very meticulously evaluate your figure, and if you do not have a weight problem, then you can wear this outfit.

Leather pants : fur vest

Besides leather pants very elegant look with a white blouse.This combination has become a kind of classic style.As for the cut blouses, the relevant models with adjoining silhouette.The sleeve can be a long and three-quarters, or you can just bend it allowed any option.I would also like to note that the blouse can be worn as trousers, and a gas station, and so and so you'll look good.To give your image softness and femininity with a touch of romance, this model can be made of translucent fabric.

Leather pants : white blazer

Well look leather pants with tunics and sweaters elongated.With this combination should not be used over clothing belt, as was fashionable in the last season.

Particularly noteworthy images with coats, jackets, blazers.Down you can wear a T-shirt, top or shirt, but monotonous, preferably white, without intricate patterns.This Nardo Kuga you can go anywhere - on a festive event, and to work and to study.

Leather pants : with sneakers

In addition, leather pants are not bad combined with extended self-colored shirts or T-shirts.This option is ideal when it's good weather and do not necessarily wrap up in warm clothes.

If you want to create an image of a fatal sexual beauty, you can combine leather trousers with a top, made of the same material.Just keep in mind that you need to be very self-confident and have a very brave character, so that such attire "in public" not embarrassed, and "carry" themselves with dignity.Otherwise you will look absurd and ridiculous.So think carefully before you decide on such a combination.

Speaking of outer clothing, the most ideal option in this case - a classic elongated coats.If you do not like this style, and you prefer a more adventurous options in the spirit of the bikers, you will approach a combination of leather trousers and leather jackets or jackets in leather or suede.However, this outfit can only afford daring liberated nature.

Leather pants : with elongated coats

As for shoes, in this case would be appropriate shoes or boots.Ballet is also well fit into the image, but they should not have any embellishments.The only thing that is allowed - it studs or spikes, to the same data elements of decor is very relevant in this season.In addition, the leather pants go well with the rough-soled shoes on the low made in army style.But this way of approach is likely to girls who are part of informal youth movements.

Leather pants : with a jacket

Leather pants : a jumper

Leather pants : with a coat and hat, Fedora

Leather pants : with short jacket

Leather pants : monochrome combination

Leather pants : with shirt

So weWe dealt with fashionable style leather pants and find out what they can wear.Remember that this is just a recommendation.You can afford, and other images, if you do not want to look mediocre.Mirror and a little imagination will help you to create your own unique style.