Before applying popular tea "Milk Oolong" for weight loss and maintenance of health, be familiar with the features of this drink.You need to learn about the health properties, brewing and drinking tea for safe weight loss.

Tea "Milk Oolong»

With moderate constant use of the beverage in the body positive changes.Below is a look at what kind of work performed nutrients trapped in the body and reveal the theme correctly brewing and drinking tea.

benefits of tea "Milk Oolong»

This drink the following facts.

  • drink perfectly tones.
  • If the body regularly receives a portion of antioxidants from the tea, the activity of free radicals is kept normal, it protects cells from premature deterioration and prolong our youth.
  • reduces the percentage of cholesterol in the blood.
  • improves digestion.
  • strengthens bone system.
  • By stimulating the pancreas, acting on the percentage of sugar in the blood reduce the risk of Type II diabetes.
  • Under the influence of the substance of theanine is relaxation, good for th
    e neurons in the brain.This protects the nervous system from overloads.
  • timely eliminated via the kidneys uric acid, therefore reducing the likelihood of joint damage and the formation of stones in the kidney.It
  • "Milk Oolong" is in the lead content of catechins, leaving behind other kinds of tea.Enzymes catechins contained in the beverage in considerable doses are endowed with antibacterial properties and to protect cells from damage.
  • through active catechins improved metabolic processes and increases the number of beneficial enzymes responsible for the normal breakdown of fats, it is especially important for losing weight.
  • Our body is actively fighting against premature aging of the skin, as the body just released from the enzymes that destroy valuable elastin and collagen.
  • Indeed, "Milk Oolong" is used for weight loss, but also the drink are added to the diet in the treatment of diabetes, osteoarthritis and some pathologies in the cardiovascular system.
  • presence of polyphenols in the composition of the drink makes a prophylactic against cancer processes.
  • By drinking this tea varieties we produce caries prevention.Due to the action of fluoride breath becomes enjoyable.

Brewing Tea "Milk Oolong"?

Here are the basic rules of welding fragrant and useful drink:

  • we do not fit utensils made of metal, ceramic or porcelain is needed;
  • pretreat kettle of boiling water;
  • to preserve nutrients will not use boiling water, the optimum temperature of 80-90 degrees;
  • dry raw material to measure the rate of 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of water;
  • time infusion of tea is a maximum of 5 minutes.

How to drink "Milk Oolong"?

now give instructions on the use of tea:

  • drink hot, with no added sugar;
  • «Oolong» exhilarating view of the content of theine (a substance similar to caffeine), so it's not the best drink before going to bed;
  • optimal use tea 1 hour after any meal, it will prevent the negative impact on the stomach;
  • believed that tea brewing to be 5-6 times, each time a drink gets new notes in flavor and aroma.

Milk Oolong: healthy and tasty drink that promotes weight loss

Slimming tea "Milk Oolong»

try to figure out how to use it is advisable to drink for weight loss.

  • noticed that the constant use of tea "Milk Oolong" it is less predisposed to weight gain.
  • Introduction to the diet of this tea allows you to raise by 5% energy body.Under the action of flavonoids increased production of norepinephrine - hormones, specializing in accelerating the burning of calories and suppress appetite.
  • Occurs stimulating the pancreas and thus decreases the percentage of sugar in the blood.This leads to difficulties in the digestion of fat is thus reduced body weight.
  • Amid the activity of polyphenols and antioxidants improves the metabolism, the body can quickly get rid of the excess fat tissue.
  • As part of the drink found large doses of tannins that affect the metabolism of fat.Naturally reduces cholesterol, metabolic processes are improving, deteriorating assimilation of fats, carbohydrates are absorbed more complicated.Due to the rapid flow of metabolic heat production takes place, this fact allows the burning of fat.It is important that the layer is reduced visceral fat.
  • This tea is filled to capacity with valuable substances - catechins due to the peculiarities of processing.Thermal processes stop the oxidation of catechins and they are perfectly safe to penetrate into our body.This drink is ideal for diets, because it stimulates the metabolism of glucose.This process involves a decrease in body fat throughout the body.

also contributes to the loss of extra kilos and another drink, more on this in the article Green tea with milk diet.

useful tea "Milk Oolong" for weight loss can be used both sexes of all ages.According to research in the use of tea for 2 weeks, women are more likely to lose weight, men in second place.In order to achieve a positive result is sufficient to hold 3 tea a day.