Losing weight is by far one of the most urgent problems of many girls.To gain slender shape, many are sacrificing their health by resorting to rapid and even diet pills and other drugs.As a result, the body is suffering, and the desired result can not be achieved.To avoid this, you need to properly make up their menu for the day, eliminating harmful products for the figure.In addition, the need to monitor the calorie dishes.This can be done through diet 1200 Kcal.In this article we will find out what is its essence, and give diet recipes for weight loss, indicating calories.

Understanding diet 1200 Kcal

Terms diet

The main rule of this method of weight loss - does not exceed 1200 calories consumed per day.Furthermore, it should adhere to the following relationship.Protein should be used 30% of the diet, fat - 20 carbohydrates - 50. Note that carbohydrates should only be simple and complicated at all similar substances should be excluded from the diet (sweet and flour).

best if the menu will consis

t of 5 or 6 meals, 3 of them - it's breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 or 3 snacks.Note that while the number of calories to be approximately the same.Breakfast, lunch and dinner - about 300 calories and snacks - at 130 calories.

power of this principle should be followed for 30 days.During this time, you can get rid of the extra kilos without any harm to the body.In addition, you get used to a moderate diet, and more will not overeat.Therefore, the lost weight did not back off with the others, as it often happens.

Products authorized for use

Complex carbohydrates from complex carbohydrates you can eat porridge (oats, buckwheat, millet), as well as pasta, but only durum.From fruits and berries are allowed apples, bananas, citrus fruits, blueberries and strawberries.They should eat vegetables carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini.

proteins from the protein products resolved cottage cheese, natural yogurt and kefir, but only if they are fat-free or with minimal mass fraction of fat.It is also permissible to use quail and chicken eggs, but in limited quantities.In addition, you can eat meat: breast of poultry without the skin, liver and chicken gizzards.In addition, you can afford and seafood: mussels, shrimp, squid, salmon and pollock.

Below, we present to you some diet recipes for weight loss, indicating calories.

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products prohibited for use

from your diet should exclude any flour products, sweets, sausages and smoked meats, canned foods and pickles.From drinks should abandon compotes and sweet drinks.In addition, you can not drink alcohol.

diet recipes: diet should eat a light meal and know how to count calories

menu diet 1200 Kcal

Menu day


Take 40 grams of oatmeal and cook porridge out of it on the water.Neither the oil nor the sugar added is not necessary.It can be just a little salt to taste porridge.Calorie content of food - 146 kcal.

boiled egg 1 category.It weighs about 80 grams, it is 114 Kcal.


Banana, weighing about 130 grams.Its caloric value - 113 kcal.


Take 150 grams of chicken breast and boil it until tender in salted water.Its calorie content is 206 kcal.

As a side dish is recommended to extinguish vegetables.Take the zucchini, carrots and string beans, grind them and put them in a pan or a saucepan and add water.Bring to a boil and add salt.Cook vegetables until tender.Your portion of the stew for dinner should be 150 grams.Its calorie content is 90 kcal.


glass of kefir.If you take the product with fat mass fraction of 1%, it is calorie 100 kcal.

Dinner For dinner you can consume 100 grams of cottage cheese with a mass fraction of fat content of 1.8% (101 kcal) and 100 grams of apple (47 calories).You can consume them separately, and can prepare the next dish.Cottage cheese mash that there was no lumps.Then release the apple peel and rub in a large grater.These products combine and stir.Calorie content of food - 148 kcal.

second dinner

Since we were in store calories, you can arrange a second dinner if there is hunger.In this case, it is recommended to use a glass of low-fat yogurt (100 calories) or white natural yoghurt with a mass fraction of fat content of 1.5%.Note that the 200 grams of the product contains 154 calories.

menu for the next days you can make yourself, and adhering to this principle to include the only authorized products.Note that clean water and black tea without sugar, you can drink unlimited quantities.

We have brought to you some diet recipes for weight loss, indicating calories.With their help, you will not be difficult to get rid of excess weight in a short period of time and maintain a slim figure for a long period.