If you have decided on a deep home peeling skin, be careful.For information on this topic be sure to check the information set out below.The procedure of deep peeling, conducted in a professional salon, is the most safe and effective.In some cases, this is a serious cleansing of the face, arranged right at home, gives good results.For those of you must have some knowledge about the various cosmetic products, their correct use, and action on the skin types.A look at the topic of home peeling.

Preparations for home peeling

These manufacturers supply the markets of cosmetic means for peeling.

  • producer from France - «BeautyMed»;
  • Russian manufacturer - «PREMIUM Professional»;
  • Japanese brands - «Bb Laboratories» and «ADJUPEX»;
  • manufacturer from the United States - «NeoStrata»;
  • Australian brand - «Skin Doctors».

These funds and the like are softer salon counterparts, so are considered relatively safe.It is worth noting that there is no part of phenol.Instead, there are sensitive components.In this m

ake-added special component called AHA acids.We say that a couple is often present in such preparations substances is azelaic acid, glycolic acid.Under the action of the active ingredients there is no destruction of the skin, but there is a renewal of its surface layer and then the release of contaminants.These funds are not weak.If everything is done according to the instructions, then there is a visible transformation of the skin.It looks much cleaner, evens.We recommend using a deep home purchase-peeling means, if the skin is young and has no serious problems.Alternatively, you can make yourself the means to cleanse the skin.

deep facial peels: involves quality cleansing, the procedure can be organized at home, using cosmetic products or make your own cooking

Recipes home peel

Peeling classic


  • Children soap -2 tablespoons;
  • boric acid - 10 grams;
  • Glycerin - 30 ml;
  • pill "gidroperit" - 2 pieces;
  • Alcohol camphor - 30 ml;
  • ten percent alcohol, ammonia - 10 grams;
  • three-percent hydrogen peroxide - 30 milliliters.

Take container glass, combine with glycerol camphor alcohol, add ammonia, then put boric acid, add the tablets "gidroperit" and pour hydrogen peroxide.At the end of the season with mixed means grated soap, achieving creamy.The mixture is applied to the face and remains on the skin prior to drying.The resulting composition has a shelf life in a refrigerator - 90 days.

Peeling salicylic


  • tablets "Aspirin" - 3 pieces;
  • basis weight, for example, suitable natural soft cheese, fresh yogurt, or yogurt - half a spoon;
  • quality honey - half a spoon.

to a selected basis weight added to the powder worn pills and leave for insisting on a short time.Add honey, produce blending and superimposition means for previously cleansed face.Responses indicate the possibility of the emergence of a moderate tolerance tingling sensations.Enough waiting 15 minutes and can be removed by means of a skin.

Peeling soda and salt


  • suitable cream;
  • salt;
  • soda.

These components take equally optimally 1 spoon each.A mixture of these components to process all the skin.After waiting 20 minutes for the impact of the need to wash.In some cases, there may be an intense burning sensation, if this happens you should immediately rinse agent.This recipe is often recommended for skin prone to greasiness having problematic pores and acne.

Peeling badyagoy


  • powder "Badyaga" - 2 tablespoons;
  • three-percent hydrogen peroxide.

to the powder need to pour this amount of peroxide to obtain a creamy consistency.Before the procedure, apply lotion, it is required to cleanse the skin.Performing treatment vaseline around the eyes.Also lubricate the eyebrows and lips.Hands desirable to protect gloves.Freshly prepared mixture is cast on the face using a cotton sponge or fingers working.After exposure means within 20 minutes, it is necessary to wash and to dry skin cause talc.Such masks do daily for 2-5 days, dry skin requires fewer treatments, fat - more.Steaming the skin may be required before the first procedure before the subsequent masks need only wiping salicylic acid.Days peeling should exclude other masks, washing and other manipulation of the face.Upon completion of the course have to use 2 days exclusively with Vaseline, then you can gently apply masks and creams.

should be a reasonable approach to any independent cosmetic procedures, it is particularly true with respect to the peeling face or body.Be sure to test the new masks and other means on a small area of ​​skin, it is best to put them in the inner zone of the elbow.In peeling has plenty of contraindications, so before home deep cleansing need specialist advice.Authoritative sources indicate the effectiveness of a small domestic procedures.According to their statement, the home deep peeling impossible to fully and, therefore, we can not equate the result to the salon treatment.