not always attempts to conceive a child ends successfully.Embryo came into existence, may come back to haunt.The woman notices certain changes in the body and strangeness in his state.If a woman had serious suspicions that the inside of her body was born a new life, she must be in the same moment to check the presence or absence of pregnancy.How to be, if it is not at hand pharmacy pregnancy test, and it is not possible to buy it?To satisfy this curiosity will help young mothers pregnancy test with iodine and soda.Our ancestors did not use these two methods until the commercially available special medical tests.In general, these methods are considered to be proven and true, but there are some moms who claim that these tests show incorrect results.We'll show you how these methods are popular pets and how reliable their statements.

pregnancy test with soda

Accessory Kit

to determine pregnancy at home need a small list of items.

  • disposable container made of plastic or glass.
  • Plain baking soda.
  • Spoon any size.

your actions will have to make a simple manipulation.

  • Fill half a clean container just collected morning urine.
  • right into the urine put a spoonful of baking soda.
  • assess the reaction.

What can happen?

What might be the reaction of the liquid in the soda and what it stands for, we describe below.


After contact with urine soda can begin to form foam and hear the characteristic hiss.If you see such a spectacle is, therefore, likely to lack the embryo in the uterus.


So you put soda in the urine, and noticed that the white powder was quietly dropped to the bottom of the container without foaming and without making a hissing sound.In this case, we can talk about the high likelihood of pregnancy.


No one verdict on the theme of truth or falsity of soda method for determining pregnancy.Judging by the reviews of the internet, we can say that very often a pregnancy test with soda helps to reveal the true state of the uterus.You may notice that many moms write about the effectiveness of this technique in the early stages.When conception has just taken place, the probability of error of pharmaceutical test responsive to the concentration of certain hormones in the woman's urine.Can you trust this information or treat it with skepticism, but it is best to try to implement a soda method in practice.

pregnancy test: can be done at home using a conventional iodine or baking soda, perhaps, these methods are not perfect, but in many cases show the correct result

pregnancy test with iodine

Inventive mom used not onlythe method described above, but no less interesting and simple test with iodine.We describe the rules and characteristics of this approach.

drop of iodine

What is needed for the test?

For the urine through the iodine you need to prepare the following items.

  • capacity with freshly urine released in the morning.
  • normal iodine.
  • Clean pipette.

rules test

To get a result, perform the following manipulation.

  • Carefully pipette drip a drop of iodine into the container with fresh urine.
  • Watch for changes in iodine.

Metamorphoses drops

How can change the appearance of drops of iodine, we describe below.

  • If nothing happened, and iodine was in the form of the old float on the surface, then, most likely, in the uterus has developed a tiny embryo.
  • dissolution of iodine in the urine indicates a high probability of absence of pregnancy.

Change the color of iodine

necessary facilities

Another fun way to home pregnancy tests require at least a simple set of objects.

  • alcoholic solution of iodine.
  • pipette.
  • strip of paper.

How do the test with iodine and paper?

This test is also very simple to carry out.

  • Wet the paper with fresh urine, dedicated the morning.
  • Immediately drip iodine on the wet paper.
  • Watch the color of iodine.

How can become iodine

look what happened further with iodine - he became a color.

  • In case of change of color purple, can talk about the high probability of pregnancy.
  • If a drop has not changed and has a brown color, then there is reason to believe that conception has not occurred.

Any mom can do a pregnancy test with iodine and soda at home and it does not imply difficulties or any harm.The above methods are relevant even in our high-tech and advanced time.They continue to gain popularity, despite the apparent absurdity and a certain probability of an incorrect result.For a more accurate diagnosis - go to the doctor.The specialist can help the best way to understand the situation: will examine appoint an ultrasound examination and direct the necessary analyzes.