often start learning a foreign language are wondering "What you need to know the words?".This question is quite logical, since the total of the English language has more than one million words, in addition, every 98 minutes in the English dictionary will wear a new word.Are they all need to learn?How and why we will try to sort out below.

Pro "hamster hoardersĀ»

Before we deal with the question of learning a foreign language, remember hamster, its main activity - accumulation provision.And where he stores it?That's right, cheeks and into the hole.What we will be stocking "cheeks" - this is our active vocabulary, then that "at home" - passive.For free communication using the active vocabulary for full explanations in a foreign language need at least 2000 words.With these stocks, you do not risk to become a hero of the anecdote "The boy explained gestures that his name is John."When asked to look optimistic and hope for their own ingenuity, we can confine ourselves at first 1500 words.

vocabulary largely determined by your goals.If all you need - a few sentences at the airport or order underdone steak in a restaurant, you can restrict 2 000. If you have to maintain the gastronomic discussion or explanation of an employee service center, easily multiply by at least two.4000 words would not allow to lose face and give the opportunity to feel free to talk.

Do not forget that there are reserves hamster in the house - passive vocabulary.That's all that once were written in the dictionary under the guidance of teachers in the school and in the short-lived mental stress can emerge from the depths of the brain.Such words also fall in the standings, but remember that a special dividend you do not have to count.

If you belong to the category of perfectionists and put a bar in front of 10 000 words, we hasten to disappoint you, possess this vocabulary is the language environment is virtually impossible.Level 10 000 - 15 000 words vocabulary measured by the English-speaking citizens.Baggage within 4000 - 5000 words will allow you to safely pack your bags to Canada, the United States or to visit Queen Elizabeth.

graduations vocabulary

How to start a set of vocabulary?As a vector for the study, you can select the top 10 or top 100 most popular English words.Mastering 400 - 500 words, you can expect to receive a certificate of basic level of knowledge.Increasing active vocabulary in half, you can speak on everyday topics, and the presence of the same amount of passive vocabulary will allow to read a simple text.Since 4000 words you opened the way for the media and thematic literature.For full expression of thoughts in writing, it requires at least 8000 words.

How to determine the level of vocabulary

to determine the vocabulary do not need to frantically recall all the familiar English words, will the online test ( http://testyourvocab.com/ ).Spending a few minutes, you will be able to identify their starting point.The basis of the test developers were put 70,000 words.Of the entire list has been removed scientific terms, outdated fishing and various forms of derivatives.Further, the entire vocabulary of the array has been sorted by frequency of use.By the way it is worth noting that the last 10 000 words are extremely rare, so you can not suffer remorse of their ignorance.In addition, the dough, the words, the importance of which can be guessed because of his friendship with logical thinking.From the mass of words proposed is necessary to choose friends who are very important to be honest with you.So, if you are ready, we proceed!

Measured results

end?We are ready to you "measure".In comparing the results there is no shame or embarrassment.Statistics of this test shows that the lion's share of non-native speakers of English vocabulary has between 3 000 and 7 000. Significantly fewer visitors boast the result of 10 000, but there are those who are marked at 30 000.

some interestingStatistics - coveted 30,000 for native speakers - is the norm of 30-year-old English-speaking citizens with higher education.That for us is the average result - the level of vocabulary olds in England and the United States.

small up

Whatever the result you get, remember that vocabulary - a category that requires work and active participation.The moral of the above, the following - monitor their knowledge and achievements, we are confident that you are worthy incentive "cookies."
And a short video on how to expand your vocabulary:

Author: Ekaterina Nemykina for TutKnow.ru