languages ​​are multifaceted and have a lot of shades depending on the area of ​​use.Some people are so changed and the impact that formed the features of phonetics, vocabulary and even grammar.A similar situation occurred with the American language, the foundation of which was English.Let's open a little secret, in total there are 6 variants of English!Maybe someone will be surprised to such diversity, but if you remember the prevalence of the language on the planet and the number of people who consider him family, and everything falls into place.

journey into history

American English - adopted by the locale in the United States.His appearance, he is obliged to English colonists, who mastered the territory during the XVII-XVIII centuries.The native language of the United States is 80% of the population and has clearly set out the features and conditions of use.

classic English has undergone changes due to the fact that even before the advent of the British in the territory for communication used a
utochthonous Indian languages ​​as well as French and Spanish.Considerable influence on the formation of the language of contemporary Americans have German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Welsh and Gaelic languages.

How to Choose

American language in the language of the international classification designated AmE and has only his inherent momentum and regulations.If phonetic and lexical differences between English and American will drive no communication between citizens of the two countries to the level of speculation and gestures, the classic English grammar momentum can introduce the American to a standstill.Do not forget about the dialects, which gave rise to divisions within the language itself.It takes only a few minutes of dialogue in order to determine the "northern" American English although it suffers from no less.

headed choice of language study set goals and the specifics of future use.If your ultimate goal - to view the American blockbuster hits and listen to music, do not bother the classical language of Mrs. Elizabeth and prefer light-version - the US.Similar advice and get those who are going to take TOFEL to live or study in the United States.

To implement the remaining objectives is to give preference to the classical English, which, in the opinion, of both teachers and students, is considered more rigorous and complete."Baggage" from the classical language will allow you to be comfortable enough and feel confident in any English-speaking country.

The main thing you need to remember is that the American and British - a different interpretation of one language, and not related or indigenous language groups.

«American» under the microscope

Well, well, it's time to sort out the differences that have touched grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.

Features sound structure

  1. sound [r] in the US requires a special position of the tongue, it should be slightly bent forward.It is for the pronunciation of words with the sound [r], you can easily determine whether the language native to the interlocutor.

  2. sound [t] also changed.The lexical units in which it is located between two vowels or between a vowel and sonants occurs vocalization of sound, ie,its partial transition to the vowel with a slight pulling.For example: pity, city, better, twenty, battle, getting.

  3. vocalization sound [sh] occurs in words like version, Asia, Persia, excursion.While the English version will be pronounced distinct [DZ].

  4. loss of sound [h] occurs in unstressed syllables: historical - [is'torical], I see him - [im].However, miraculously, this rule does not cover: history - ['histri].

  5. [j], located in front of [u], is not pronounced: student - [stu: dent], duty - [du: ty].

  6. The most outstanding feature in the segment is the phonetics of vowels belonging to the group debt.

  7. affricate [tsh] can often hear from the lips of an American in the pronunciation of combinations such as «do not you».

American and British accent - the difference in the pronunciation of English words:

Subway or underground

American and British English - differences of words

greatest number of differences have affected the vocabulary, because of the numerous borrowings from Indian languages ​​and Spanish, given the fate of the English passed (see figure above).

This type of difference is not the only one affected by the vocabulary of languages.The same thing can be called words that differ in writing to one or two letters: honor - honour (honor, honor, observe), apologize - apologise (apologize), traveler - traveller (traveler), defense - defence (protectiondefense).By the way, the American version is detected in a text document as valid, while English serves replaced.The exception to this rule are the words plow - plough (plow) and center - centre (center).

«What Russian well, the Germans - death»

the study of grammar, those who took the US, be sure to enjoy all the positive sides of their choice, as the grammar of the US not only easier, but also a tendency to abolish.

  1. English Present Perfect American can easily be replaced with Past Simple.

  2. American would never say «have a shower», perhaps, of the shower, he will inform the phrase «take a shower».

  3. Shall was completely excluded from the American grammar manuals and replaced by the will.

  4. Need not (do) expanded to form do not need to (do).

  5. In most cases, should not used when require (requires), insist (push), demand (demand), and offers an example is as follows - I demanded that he apologize (I demanded that he apologize).

  6. going to the hospital in America - to THE hospital, in Britain - to hospital.

  7. the weekend on the weekend, and on a street (American) - at the weekend and in a street (English).

  8. verb write decided to use without an excuse, or in rare cases, with the preposition to.

  9. Significant differences were formed in the segment of Irregular Verbs.Verbs learn, dream, spill, spell and burn American form, guided by the general rule.

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