Bromine was discovered by French chemist Antoine Balaram in 1825.Dark brown smelly liquid was isolated from exposure to the chlorine solution obtained after washing the seaweed ash.Initially, it was proposed the name "murid", which translated from Latin.It means "pickle brine", but later decided to name a new element bromine.


Bromine is a heavy liquid with a pungent odor, dark purple or black.Its melting temperature is 7.25, boiling - 59.2 degrees.He is 6 times heavier than air.

Solubility: increases in the presence of chlorides and bromides, in the presence of sulphates decreases.

Interaction: chlorine, fluorine, iodine forms an unstable compound which differ high chemical activity.Does not react with the nitrogen and oxygen, even at elevated temperatures of unstable compounds are obtained only by indirect methods.

The interaction with metals forming bromides.Among the elements of the most resistant to the action of bromine are platinum and tantalum least - titanium, silver and lead.

in free form does not occur, is composed of various compounds (the bromides of potassium, sodium, magnesium).Proper mineral bromine - embolism (chloride and silver bromide) and bromargirit (silver bromide) - very rare.

Influence on the human body

This substance is toxic enough: poisoning can cause just 3 grams, death - from '35 Therefore, when the content of the air 0.001% bromine appear dizzy and bleeding from the nose, irritated mucous membranes.The concentration of 0, 02% can cause choking, respiratory diseases, spasms.In case of skin itching, long-term impact - slow-healing ulcers.

Bromine is able to influence the lymphatic glands, particularly the parotid gland, testes and ovaries.And the cancer affects only on the left side: increase in volume and harden.

Even if the domestic reception of small doses it adversely affects the brain and spinal cord - suppresses reflex excitability, reduced intellectual ability, causes drowsiness.

If the poisoning occurred bromine vapor, the urgent need to bring the victim to fresh air to breath, you can use a swab, pre-moistened it into ammonia, and periodically bring to his nose for a short time.In the future, the treatment should be carried out only by the doctor.

If there is domestic poisoning bromide, taken internally, the victim give milk with egg razmeshannym repeatedly cause vomiting, with control to the airways could not get vomit.It is also possible drink warm starch flour paste and activated carbon.For removing toxins from the body within a day should be consumed table salt (10-30 g) diluted in a large volume of water (3.5 L).

If skin burns liquid bromine is necessary to repeatedly wash it with water.

Bromo in humans

in tissues and organs of an adult it is contained in an amount of 200-300 mg: the pituitary gland, kidney, thyroid, bone and muscle tissue, and blood.Because the organism is excreted in sweat and urine.It performs the following functions:
  • activates certain enzymes - amylase and lipase;
  • promotes activation of pepsin;
  • affects the thyroid gland (goiter prevents);
  • involved in the regulation of central nervous system;
  • activates sexual function.

daily requirement

For an adult it is 3-8 mg.

Which products contain bromine

Which products contain bromine

Beans (read about the useful properties of beans), beans, wheat, barley grits, peanuts, almonds, fish, dairy products, pasta.


  • growth retardation in children
  • reduced life expectancy
  • insomnia
  • women - raising the possibility of a miscarriage
  • decrease in hemoglobin in the blood
  • impotence
  • decrease aciditygastric


  • as insomnia
  • rash
  • memory impairment
  • bronchitis
  • rhinitis
  • digestive disorders
  • neurological changes
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